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Serenity Retreats Belize


3 Months In The Jungle!

A Vegan CalmUnity

We have selected our

new community members!

We're so excited to have this group of amazing vegans from all over come and experience vegan community life in the jungle. Back to nature, back to basics, back to the simple life. Living as a community, away from the 

industrialized world.

Welcome to The Healing Garden of Vegan. We are creating a neighbourhood of conscious beings inspiring change for a better world.

Meet some of our new members arriving in January 2020!

We will update this page with more of our new members soon, so check back frequently!


Miko ~ Filmmaker

Miko has been blessed with the privilege and responsibility of being a socially conscious and aware filmmaker for the past 31 years.

In this time he has travelled the globe recording people's stories of hardship and triumph, sadness and joy.

No stranger to adventure and challenges, Miko embraces the opportunity to become a part of this very special plant based community in Corozal and is excited to share the upcoming stories of the participants to a global platform to help initiate and facilitate much needed change on our beautiful and sacred planet earth.

Megan ~ Functional medicine nutritionist & Coach /  Plant-based chef

Megan brings 27 years of plant based living experience to the new vegan Corozal  community. Her passion and focus are on all things green! She loves helping friends, community and clients incorporate more sprouts, green juices and veggies into their diet to transform their energy and health Megan has provided many years of service as a gluten free plant based chef and baker and is passionate about bringing her knowledge to the community. She also brings her love of healthy nourishment  through her skills as a functional medicine nutritionist and coach. She is so excited to learn, grow and connect with the other participants of this burgeoning vegan community!

Jared & Allison.jpg

Jared & Allison ~ Editor & Health/Longevity Coach

Our family is thrilled to be joining you all on this exciting adventure! Our goal is to help heal others and the planet by sharing the power of going vegan. Serenity Retreats is the kind of sustainable community paradise we want to create for ourselves, and we are looking forward to contributing our skills

and learning and growing this movement together! One love! 

Sarah ~ Plant-Based Nutritionist

Sarah is an avid traveler who loves to share tips for staying vegan and healthy while abroad. She is passionate about sharing the numerous benefits of a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle and uses her social media to encourage others to adapt a more sustainable and healthy way of living. 


"As far as what I am looking forward to the most- definitely creating an impact project to offer free health education, particularly on Type 2 diabetes prevention, management, and even reversal with diet. I want to share our journey of healing the community with the power of food and showing people how easy and enjoyable it is to thrive while living a cruelty-free lifestyle."

Sarah Brandow.jpg

Dan & Bernadette ~ Van travelers / Builder

We are both really excited to live amongst other like minded people. We hope to come away from the experience fitter, healthier and with more knowledge about a plant bssed lifestyle. 


We're both looking forward to practicing yoga and meditation techniques helping us become more present and conscious.


I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge in construction and getting stuck into your latest projects. We are looking forward to sharing (and receiving) cooking techniques and recipes we have developed since turning vegan.


2020 promises to be an amazing year!


Vanessa ~ Co- Founder of Fingerprint Orgonite

Vanessa is bringing over five years experience specializing in crafting orgonite/orgone devices to Serenity Retreat.  She is passionate about sustainable living, protecting our environment and spreading positivity. Vanessa is looking forward to participating in workshops and community events at Serenity Retreat. She will be gridworking and sharing her love of orgonite during her stay in the jungle. 


 "I am beyond thankful and excited to spend three months in Belize growing and connecting with others in this beautiful vegan healing space! Many Blessings!"


Foster & Niss ~ Jungle Dwellers & The Hosts 

Here's where they'll be living...

Let's make this go viral so we can keep making vegan dreams come true every 3-6 months!

The more people that contribute, the more people get to experience this vegan dream opportunity.

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