Baked zucchini lasagna!
Another bistro fave!
Morning rituals
Grand rising!
Ancient mayan pottery washed up
Vegan baking!
Breathwork in the morning
A dogs life
Human connections
Building life long connections
This happened!
Congratulations to these two amazing people! Thank you for celebrating your engagement with us! Retreats to remember!!
Lamanai Mayan Ruin Tour
Retreats to remember
Vegan breakfast scramble!
Kayaking adventures!
Tree-house vegan life
Serenity Goddess
River kayaking adventures!
Rissa Vibes podcasting at our bistro
Jungle pool life
Our onsite fresh water eco-pool
Queen cabana
Sunrise behind the sun/moon tour
Our fresh water eco-pool
Vegan Eats
Serenity Grove Vegan Bistro
Enjoy daily home cooked vegan meals at our onsite vegan bistro.
Meal prep workshop!
Gluten-free flourless oat wraps, veggie patties and 'mockarella cheeeez'
Tree-house love
Cacao on the terrace
Eating sprouted coconuts!
Alex & Niss at the bistro
Belize in Yoga Retreat 2019
Belize in Yoga Retreat 2019
Belize in Yoga Retreat 2019
Belize in Yoga Retreat 2019
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