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The Journey...

From Toronto to Belize... It was a series of life changing events that led me on my journey to Serenity. One of those events happened when I began my vegan transition in 2011. From there, the desire to create a serene way of living grew and continues to grow, still. 

I decided if I couldn't change the whole world, I could at least

change my world and hopefully be able to help inspire others along the way. So in 2014 I made the decision to put into motion a plan to move to Belize by Sept. of 2016 and begin this new journey


What started as a simple plan to create a humble space in the jungle for vegans to be able to retreat to, quickly developed into a boutique resort, rescue sanctuary and intentional tree-house community with onsite vegan bistro and Studio For The Arts & Activity. 

I am forever grateful to be part of this continually developing vegan community in such a beautiful and welcoming country like Belize. 

... Take time away from the everyday and experience Serenity and mindful living with us in beautiful Belize...

Nissrien Barakat

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