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The Road To Serenity Begins Here...


We have enjoyed 6 years of Serenity Retreats in Corozal Belize.
As all good things, our time in Corozal has come to an end and our new journey along the picturesque Hummingbird Highway has begun!

If you've been following my journey since the beginning,
thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you visited us at

Serenity Retreats Belize, my deepest heartfelt gratitude for
being a part of our wonderful time in a magical place. 
We hope you will join us in the mountains when we are all set up. 

What's coming up?
We are excited to be completing our rainforest village tiny home project and will be launching our HOMESTEADERS RETREATS at our mystical Mayan mountain site in Stann Creek, Belize.

Times are changing rapidly. You might have noticed that more and more people are looking for a way out of the matrix and into a more natural way of living.

Imagine gaining the skills and experience to grow your own food, learn how to survive and thrive in the rainforest in your private house nestled within a lush tropical food forest.
Experience community living for months at a time and discover a world you only dreamed of living in.

More Info coming soon

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