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Time To Stop The Protest & Start The Revolution

I've been a bit out of the loop with global affairs for the past few weeks, as I've been retreating. But was able to catch a few glimpses of the phase the material world is in. When the most influential country on the planet appoints what appears to be a hot-tempered sexual-predator to the highest court, while dismissing his victims accounts, one has to ask, is protesting really enough at this point? So now not only is there a pussy-grabbing president, but a formally accused rapist as well, to officially represent the USA, with a caption that shouts misogyny, inequality, racism, sexism, violence, poverty and war. Sounds harsh because it is.

I live in the jungle and keep to myself. The material world is just something I read about now online, almost like fiction. It doesn't exist to me anymore in many ways. Out of sight, out of mind, except that it pops up on my Facebook news feed of course.

Every so often tragedy in the US consulate strikes that has everyone up in arms and ready to hit the streets with big bold signs. Lately it's mostly been related to the Trump administration. A protest ensues with every blow to the American constitution. Angry mobs of otherwise quiet citizens take to the streets to express their disdain for a power-hungry government guiding them all the way back to the fifties.

Celebrities, soccer moms, millennials, teachers, lawyers and everyone in between all coming together in droves to protest against government tyranny. Their message is loud and it's clear, crowds are chanting in unison and it's a beautiful earth shattering, history-making event.. on repeat.. with every 'fuck you' bill that congress passes.

Protesting is an important right to exercise when necessary. It has helped overturn many outdated, unethical laws. It has also helped shape and define 'freedom' for the average citizen in many countries that have needed to raise their voices for various reasons in history. Protesting has gotten us very far in activism. Until it didn't anymore. Now people hit the streets, raise their voices, wave signs and pat each other on the back for coming out and participating, before taking a selfie with their sign and returning to their daily routine of paying taxes and funding the very things they were protesting against. This is why nothing changes anymore with these mass demonstrations that no longer lead to anything. No matter how loud the public screams, they will stop yelling at some point and turn their attention to whatever else the media directs them to focus on. So those in power know that all they need to do to hush the public, is either create a new diversion, or simply wait for the storm to pass. Both have proven to be successful options.

These are not the fifties. Times have changed drastically. Protesting is becoming less effective with every demonstration that leads to a dead end. The world has evolved and so has the criminality of those in power, so the method of demonstration needs to evolve too, to the same level of impact that is inline with the same level of tyranny being carried out. Basically the world doesn't need another protest. The world needs an all-out revolution.

Your governments have made it clear, they are not listening. They do not care about your rights or your lives for that matter. You are protesting while they are laughing. You are working while they are vacationing. You are sending your sons and daughters to die in oil wars that are making these same people that hate you, rich. If you want to see change and you want a revolution, then stop raising signs and start raising hell.

Stop buying into the American nightmare disguised as a dream. Stop consumerism. Stop filing income tax. Stop paying taxes. Find a way to leave the city/suburb, home-school your kids. Move off-grid. Create intentional communities, rather than adjusting your intentions to the neighbourhoods that are being systematically created for you. Defy and dismantle government policies that compromise your morals. Do it now. Not next year and not in 5-10 years. Now. Complaining about these psychopaths while funding them will not resolve anything.

In order to see change, you need to be change. Become. The. Change. You. Want. To. See.

You just saw a man become enraged and writhe in anger while trying to deny raping a woman. His outbursts and the accusation itself has had no bearing on his career. He has been confirmed to the Supreme Court of "Justice". The irony shouldn't be lost there. Your country has taken a page out of The Saudi Handbook to Oppressing Women in The 21st Century & Presenting it as God's Will. The only way to change what you don't like about the direction that your country/state/province is going, is to leave it. Or change how you live in it.

If your body being violated is of no importance to your government, then why would you ever think your screams, signs and tears would be? Society unwittingly traded in freedom for convenience a long time ago. If the recent events over the past several years have taught you anything, it should be that protesting isn't enough. It is great for drawing short-term attention, but fails at changing anything significant within government policy. Your voice is no longer loud enough, so your actions need to speak louder. Gather everyone you know. Head for the hills. Create solid communities together away from big cities. Rebuild the world you want to see, because simply yelling at those that are destroying it, just isn't enough anymore.

Start a revolution. Start the conversation. Put it out into the universe and make it a reality. It's time.


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