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Let Me Tell You About Some Visitors In The Sky

There is a light show of UFOs above the Mexico/Belizean skies that happens every so often and I seem to have the best seat in the house.

It's been 6 out of the past 7 nights that I have been observing some interesting activity in the sky surrounding my home. Most of it I've been watching with a witness. Some of it, two neighbours claim to have seen glimpses of. All of it, absolutely out of this world - literally.

Let me first start by mentioning that some of this has happened before. Two years ago on October 28th, 2016 at approximately 7pm, give or take 10 minutes or so, I saw a solid flat circle of light move around in the clouds, both slowly and quickly. Sometimes it looked like a full circle and sometimes a flat disc. Of course my first thought was, what a strange spotlight. But at the same time it didn't behave anything like a spotlight and seemed to be too high up to be one and clearly wasn't coming from the earth.

I watched this circle of solid light throughout the night in the clouds. Eventually there were 3 and they began chasing each other in fast circles and then would stop and hover. Sometimes they looked almond shaped and sometimes they looked like a disc from the side, like just a narrow line of light. They seemed to take shape of the clouds too. I could see the light moving with the curve of the cloud like a drape. I remember feeling frightened and like I was being watched. I couldn't capture images, as nothing would show up on my phone in the night sky.... eventually at some point in the night, I guess it just stopped. That's all I remember about that event. When I told people about it, no one except my brother seemed too interested and most just chalked it up to me seeing planes or spotlights and not being able to differentiate... Guess you just have to see for yourself to understand.

Now skip ahead to November 16th, 2018. Last day of Venus retrograde and first day of Mercury retrograde. I invited Annette over for a little festive cacao beverage for the occasion. It was around 6:00 pm that we were sitting in the yoga studio chatting and enjoying our drinks when a light kept catching my eye in the sky. I turned to look and there it was, the same solid, flat circle/almond shape of solid light that I saw two years ago, playing in the clouds. I pointed it out to Annette. We both went to the screen and stared out while this solid circle-ish shape of light would scurry across the clouds in the same circular pattern over and over again, but sometimes changing it's motion. It would shoot across the sky in that one area at the speed of light, back and forth and then slow down and hover.

As we were watching this one light-circle, another one in the shape of a flat disc began to slowly light up within the clouds. I was pointing it out to Annette asking if she could see it, as soon as she said yes, it darted up high in the sky at the speed of light and then to the left at the speed of light and then disappeared. It was as though it knew we spotted it and panicked. I have no idea, but it felt like it saw us see it and darted out. We both screeched and were shaky after that, questioning wtf we just saw and simply stunned with disbelief.

After that event, I went out on the terrace with my old Samsung phone and tried to film the sky, as the same first circle of light was still playing in the clouds. The phone captured nothing but a black sky. Keep in mind, to those that need visual evidence as proof, I'm not concerned with proving it, so much as I would like to discuss it and learn more and ask questions to those that have seen what we witnessed. Either on these nights, or similar experiences.

When we weren't able to film, we just stood out there on the terrace and continued watching the mesmerizing light show in the clouds. After a while of this, Annette went home and I told her I would call her over if anything new happened. Close to 7:00 pm, to the left of this activity in the sky and what seemed beyond it in the distance and above, a large rapidly flickering red light appeared. It was like a large red strobe light in the sky. After a few seconds, it got a bit smaller and seemed to alternate between red and white lights which began blinking all over it, still at strobe light speed. It appeared higher in the sky and dropped down toward the earth steadily while still flickering red and white lights the whole way. No this was not a plane. I have never seen a plane appear out of nowhere in the sky and slowly lower itself toward the earth and neither have you :)

I was watching in amazement as this strobe light entered our atmosphere, as though it exited a portal and then lowered itself toward the earth and disappeared behind the trees. If I were to pinpoint the vicinity it landed in, it would be Chetumal, Mexico, or just off the shore of it. Unless it is even closer than it appears. I called Annette back over as it happened, but it was gone by then.

Even after it disappeared behind the trees, the circle of light show in the clouds continued steadily until around 9:00 pm. Annette went home again before this point. A notable pattern was that each night we had these sightings, the internet was at its worst, rarely giving a signal... After waiting for a while past 9:00 and feeling confident that the activity was done for the night, I went to bed.

Pencil sketch of what was seen Friday and Saturday night. Spacecraft on Left, Light disc/circle in clouds.

Here is what I noticed about the circles of light in the clouds. They are flat discs, not spheres. They appear round sometimes and flat and wide other times, but they mostly just drape the shape of the cloud they are reflecting off of, or shining through. Whichever it may be. They also have very faint beams of light coming out of them moving across the earth. Very faint. I can see them better when I don't look directly at them, but when I try to focus on them, I can't see them too well. I believe these circles of light are the bottom of a vessel that we can't see. But can only see the light from beneath it reflecting in the clouds...

The next morning I woke up feeling great. More alive than ever. Not sure if it was an electrical charge from the experience itself, or a rush that I got to witness something so magnificent and rare and unbelievable to probably most people. Didn't matter, it was a good feeling and I was looking forward to seeing what might happen that evening at dusk.

At this point I'm feeling like a UFO natural, given my experience two years ago and now this one. So I'm no longer doubting what I'm seeing, not that I really ever did, nor am I doubting my state of mind, as I am not the only person who saw them.

This was Saturday evening. November 17th around the same time just after dusk. I saw the same circle of light in the clouds. I hollered over at Annette, who was in her house but could hear me from across the way. She came over and we stood on the terrace and watched the exact same show as the night before, except the circles of light had a different pattern. Observation: there always seems to be a main one and then others that come and go and try to chase and catch it. I called two different neighbours to come see the spectacle in the clouds, but both declined. Although one later said that she and her husband saw the white light circles in the clouds over passed my house, but couldn't see much, as they are too low to the ground. My house is elevated on stilts and I can see over the jungle behind me toward the North/East facing Mexico.

At around the same time near 7:00 pm we saw the same intensely flashing red and white strobe lights in the sky. Annette was witnessing this with me this time. Instead of letting shock consume me, I wanted to make out all that I could about what I was seeing, so I focused intently on it until I could make out shapes. Between flashes of light, I could see either an egg-like shape, or oval shape with a wider middle and black squares across the middle. I would guess they would either be windows or they are the lights when off and I'm seeing them between flashes. Not sure, but they looked like black squares. The craft itself looked gun metal in colour. Annette also saw an oval shape, but couldn't make out the rest.

Without an once of doubt, we saw a spaceship or spacecraft, whatever the correct term is. I do not care how ludicrous that may sound to many, it dropped from space and was a craft of some sort. It didn't fly by over the sky, it dropped from the sky straight down slowly, two nights in a row at the same time and in the same spot. We also both heard a strange faint sound in the sky when it was dropping down, like a weird faint radio frequency type of audio.

Sunday, November 18th came along and I was sure there would be some activity that night too. As 6:00 pm came, the sky was clear without a cloud. Only planes in flight seen going by throughout the night. I realize that no clouds and some planes, means no UFO activity? Maybe. Just trying to figure out patterns.

Monday, November 19th evening came. Same time, 6:00 pm was when I started to pay close attention to the sky. Nothing was happening and it was another clear sky, but no planes around. Then around 6:50 pm a cluster of clouds began moving in from the east toward the area where we would normally see the light circles playing in the clouds. As it moved into that area, a light circle appeared and began playing in that patch of cloud. I immediately stepped outside on the terrace and watched. I hadn't called Annette yet because it wasn't doing anything new that it hadn't done the other nights. Then it began moving faster and hastily through the patch of clouds and I started seeing the sky lighting up from behind me every few seconds. It was as though lightening was striking behind me, but I couldn't see bolts, just the sky itself lighting up and it felt like it gave the world a little shake each time, like strong thunder would.

Then from the corner of my left eye I could see rays of light pouring out from behind the patch of cloud that the circle of light was still moving rapidly within. But when I would turn to look at the rays of light, they seemed so faded. But then when I would turn away, it again would look like bright rays from the corner of my left eye shining through the clouds like the sun would. But this was nightfall and the sun had already set in the west and this was coming from the north.

When I looked back at the direction it was aimed at, I watched as a very large orb appeared in the sky to the left of the rays of light. It appeared to be coming toward me and seemed quite close within the atmosphere. It passed in the sky above me through the faded rays of light I was sometimes seeing and through the clouds that the light circle was moving around in. It was as though those rays of light were lighting up its way.

The large orb passed above me. I couldn't look away and as it began to pass under the moon, it slowed down and seemed to come closer for a few seconds and then it continued across the sky until it disappeared. Once it passed, so did the patch of cloud and the circle of light was gone. Nothing else happened that night. I tried to call Annette's name twice while this was occurring, but she didn't hear me.

Tuesday, November 20th, Approximately 6:30 pm a large orb appeared in the distance from behind the trees and slowly moved higher in the sky and then disappeared at the same height as the red and white flashing spacecraft we saw before, expect this was further to the right, but in the same vicinity. Again I hollered for Annette. This time she heard me and came over and we watched as many orbs passed over our heads, different sizes or possibly different distances in the sky, and all in sporadic directions. They were well within our atmosphere and as low as some planes fly. They were all solid lights and it all happened both simultaneously, as well as one after the other, in any direction we looked in above my house and toward where all the activity had been night after night. After a few short minutes, it stopped for the night and all was quiet and still. Not a cloud in the sky.

Wednesday, November 21st, no clouds in the sky, a few orbs passed above, one possible satellite and several planes...

Today is now Friday as I close out this blog. I have become so accustom to UFOs now having had so many experiences in such a short span of time, that last night's double orb crossing didn't even excite me. My reaction was meh, I've seen better..

I have witnessed a world outside of our own that is very much connected to us, our planet and our beings. Perhaps we're being observed. Perhaps our current proximity to Jupiter has given them more opportunity to visit us. Maybe it requires less fuel. Or perhaps they are somehow connected to ancient Mayan civilizations and are visiting home. I do know there is some sort of entrance, or portal in the atmosphere around my home, as they seem to drop from the invisible seams in the sky and stick to certain patterns within this surrounding air space, even two years later... I have no answers, only thoughts based on observation and speculation. I would however love to hear from others that have had similar experiences or can share any knowledge on the topic.

Peace and Blessings.

Area of the sky where most of the UFO sightings occurred.

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