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Intentional Communities - The Newer World Order

I write to you, universe, with a plea for our shared planet earth, for all beings that inhabit her, for all that wish to see a better world for everyone to exist in. Please guide us out of these vicious times we live in and into a safe and harmonious haven, free from oppressive elites destroying the very foundation of humanity.

Industrialization has changed the face of reality and created a world of people disconnected from a world of enlightenment. We are living a great lie and thinking we're loving it. We use materialism to define us, like next year's phone, nice cars and brand names to bring us the happiness that we can never achieve for long, because once the novelty of one goes, the need for a new one grows.

Where does this get us?

We decided the definition of normal falls under 'what everyone else is doing'. Everyone is following a mass global culture built by television advertisements and a pretend world of 'famous for nothing' people. The concern isn't really that they're famous for nothing, but rather that fame is even an attainment at all on that high of an influential level in such a superficial manner.

The more trees we cut down to build more shopping malls and movie centers to add to the theatrical facade we've based our lives around, the more we distance ourselves from the deep truths that have been pacified and buried beneath a concrete jungle of anxious souls too busy 'just trying to get by'.

We've created a world where we measure success by the highest level of traditional education achieved, status, class, money, breast size, designer labels and fame. But what we don't measure success by is happiness. We never look at someone who lacks all of the societal norms of success listed above, as being successful in life if 'all' they have is happiness. They're seen as being so unfortunate, that they have no choice but to appreciate what little they have. We see having less of all of the above as being less of a successful human being because we've never known what it means to be successful at a happiness that requires none of the above.

We grew up going to schools where when asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, the standard answers were doctor, lawyer, engineer, actor and rock star. But no one ever raised their hand and said I simply want to be happy. Maybe not everyone desires a career or to live a life where having one is what defines them, but it's what we're taught in school to strive for. We were never taught to strive for happiness, only to strive for a career. It was important that we had one. One career. One definition of who we would be until we retire in our old age. We needed to make this important life decision while barely out of puberty, because that decision will be why we put ourselves into debt to go to college to learn more about that mandatory career choice we were "encouraged" to make. No other life or survival skills were ever granted the same importance as having a career. Why? Because we revolved our ideals around money in the superficial world and gave that credence over simple living in the natural world.

"Pleased to meet you, what do you do" is one of the first things said in an initial meeting with anyone new. As if what we do is who we are and not just a result of our indoctrination or circumstances. We live in an industrialized world where we created a real life dramatization of what we've been taught real life should be and we've completely cut all ties with our natural connection to the dirt on the ground we walk on, because we paved over it and forgot it was there.

I realized I couldn't healthily and happily exist in a shopping mall culture anymore. The dramatic world didn't teach me enough about the natural world. The one where the deepest secrets of this planet reside in the depths of our living forests. There is a powerfully enlightening energy out there that is easy to miss if you don't seek it out by entering the forest.

Then there's intentional communities. Now aren't most of society already living in intentional communities, when you really break it down? We have mass sub-divisions in cities and towns everywhere with similar settings, people living similar lives and raising their kids in an educational system with a similar curriculum across the country and similarly around the world. When you really think about it, we are just one big governed intentional community... but whose intention was it to create such a naturally destructive community twice removed from all primitive, natural surroundings? Certainly not mine.

There is a deep shift taking place across the globe, one that changes the definition of community. A newer and better world order being created by the ones that have had enough of being the pawns in an elitist, greed-fueled game of chess.

We're forming intentional societies of environmentalists, as we are all environmentalists when we do our part to protect mother nature. We're forming societies of healers, as we are all healers when we learn how to treat ourselves and take back our own health with the wonderful medicinal plants gifted to us from mother nature herself, instead of remaining vulnerable and dependent on a money driven, pill pushing industry. We're forming societies of conservationists and compassionate communities that actually help give back to our sister societies, rather than take from them like the governing bodies of the industrialized world. Most of all we are forming deeper connections with each other, our animal siblings and this planet we all share. Let's face it, the quest for true happiness, inner peace and deeper connections are on the rise and will only continue to grow as we continue to deepen our spiritual connections with each other, all species, this planet and the universe.

Peace and much love.


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