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The Unborn Truth About Abortion

This is not something I planned to write about, but it's taken up a corner of my mind and I feel a need to open this discussion up for a few really important reasons. Regardless of what everyone's personal opinions are about this topic, whether you are pro-choice or anti-abortion, it is important that everyone unite at a time like this instead of allowing it to divide one another. Why? Because what is happening right now, has nothing to do with differing morals about a controversial topic and has everything to do with what you would imagine your worst nightmare to be.

A slow, yet rapid removal of existing rights. Laws were put into place by the demand of the general public through years of protesting. Now they are being taken away... quickly. This latest one that Alabama has opened the flood gates to, is not because there is any regard for the unborn. Oh no, let's not get sucked into that lie too now. It is very clearly a direct threat imposed on the third most vulnerable population on this planet after animals and children - women. It is a law that purports to protect men's rights and embryo or fetus rights, while completely stripping a woman of her own rights and ownership over her mind and body. Please take a step back for a moment and consider putting your views about abortion aside, as this is so much worse than you think.

I didn't always support abortion. I was actually anti-abortion at one point, but I was still learning life. Still figuring it out. I have been fortunate enough to never have to be faced with that choice and I always believed I wouldn't have one personally if I happened to become pregnant, but fortunately I never had to find out what I would ultimately decide. I am nonetheless thankful that decision was always mine to make.

My views started to shift as I began meeting more and more young girls in their teens and older that were faced with that decision. There were no boyfriends that didn't support abortions. Most also weren't exactly supportive or present during the process of them having the procedure, nor were they supportive of them keeping it. They weren't there at all in most cases that I can remember back then. Most times the boyfriends threatened to leave if they didn't have an abortion.

I remember what I would see these girls go through. The fear, anxiety, loneliness, shame, suicidal thoughts, lack of support, fear of being disowned.... the list is endless. I felt their pain and sadness. Their confusion. I remember distinctly one of my friends telling me that at her doctor's appointments prior to going through with the procedure when they were discussing the options of abortion, adoption and keeping it, the doctor said to her, "no matter what decision you make, you will regret it."

Even typing those words gives me chills. That is a lot to live with. As a teen or anyone to have to bear such a massive load for a lifetime of regret. Not because they won't love the child if they kept them, but unplanned or even planned teen parenting is not an ideal situation to be in and I'm sure comes with it's fair share of regret of some sort from time to time. I hear many people say, I love my kids, but wish I could have had them later in life.

Bottom line, those of us that haven't been pregnant and never will be faced with an unwanted pregnancy in our bodies, should not even have a vote and do not carry a valid opinion on support of the banning of abortion. If you can not empathize, you can not possibly know what you would do in someone else's shoes.

Regardless of what you believe you would do in that situation, this is not about abortion itself. We are slipping into a hole that we will not be able to vote, debate or claw our way out of if we keep allowing differing of opinions to pit us against each other. Our focus should be directed upon the white male powers that are enforcing these laws without our consent and not at each other.

What the people who agree with this law should understand, is that they didn't have a say in it. It wasn't their vote or voice that made abortion become illegal in the state of Alabama. Your opinion on the matter wasn't even considered and that should concern you. A law that was agreed on by a group of men which makes a woman's body not fully her own has been put into effect.

You can stand in front of abortion clinics waving signs and yelling your opinion through a mega phone all you want, that is your right. But that picket line between opinion and infliction should never be crossed. It doesn't matter how any of us feel about abortion. It doesn't matter if we would or wouldn't go through one ourselves. What matters is that if we support such a law, we are removing boundaries and giving up our right of choice in any matter. We are giving up ownership of our own decisions. Our own reasons for making the decisions we make for our best interest will no longer be our decisions, or made in our best interests. They will be decisions made by a small group of mainly men, that will not take yours or my input into consideration for ANY law they choose to implement.

A very important fact to consider in the matter of abortions - The medical industry "disposes" of embryos and fetuses by the hundred-thousands every year that were developed from eggs they fertilized in vitro. They knowingly and purposely fertilize eggs with the intent of aborting a majority of them in test tubes. This is legal and will remain in practice. These laws don't impact the big business of artificial insemination. If the argument of anti-abortion protesters is that life begins at conception, then why are hundreds of thousands of embryos that are conceived in labs being aborted without so much as a thought from any of them? They have told you to be against one, but accept the other, so many people have done just that. Why are there no anti-abortionists picketing outside of these 'mass murdering' labs and why don't these laws apply to these labs?

Those embryos do not count because they are not in a host body, meaning not in the female womb. There is no 'person' to regulate. Those bastard embryos in the test-tubes not only don't count as lives, they don't count at all. They aren't even considered in these laws that will now make the female body property of the state she resides in.

Whether you support abortion or not, you must not support these laws that force a way of life for anyone. It doesn't matter what anyone's opinion on the matter of abortion is, we can not and should not support a law that will force women and girls to act against their will.

These laws also don't offer any solutions to unwanted pregnancies. They aren't proposing any outreach programs to help girls and women that are pregnant and alone. They aren't proposing nationwide contraception awareness or any sort of education. They aren't offering support of any kind. They are just saying hey if you get knocked up, you're screwed. Maybe you and your child will be eligible for food stamps, maybe you won't be. Maybe you'll be able to provide for your child, maybe you won't. Ah well if you can't there is always foster care. Maybe they will slip through the cracks like many kids do in an over-populated failed adoption system where orphaned children have become drug subjects in clinical trials... or maybe they won't. Maybe they will grow up to be the next Einstein, or maybe they will grow up to be addicted to heroin and living on the streets because the life they were forced into, failed them into a life of foster hell. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Doesn't matter because once that embryo is no longer in the womb, their only right that they will have is the one that got them born in the first place - their 'right' to a life they never asked for in a harsh world they will struggle to exist in.

Until there is a properly functioning system in place for bettering the lives of all the homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected children in the world, we should shelf the entire abortion topic. It shouldn't even be one. We can't even manage to fix life for those that are walking the earth, let alone those who haven't arrived yet. We can't even stop bombing children in poor countries, but we want to save the embryo.

Laws based on morality that impose barriers on humans from making their own personal life choices, only create dangerous underground markets. It will not end abortions. It will only prevent women from being able to have access to legal and safe ones. Just like the war on drugs, this war on women will only create a lucrative and unsafe underground market for dirty and dangerous procedures. And if your response to that is "good", then you are not pro-life, you are pro-arbitrary laws that impose a threat to millions of women and young girls' lives, including victims of rape.

Aside from laws, to have a better understanding of what it means from a moral standpoint to carry or not carry a fetus to term, we need to ask - what is the development of an unborn human's brain? Can they feel? Can their brain register pain and emotion before birth? When do they begin to register physical and emotional feelings. When are they able to think? When does consciousness occur?

Let's consider the development of the brain and central nervous system before birth. Last of all to mature in an unborn human is the cerebral cortex. This only begins to function beyond it's minor stages of movement and sound at the end of the pregnancy. Consciousness doesn't develop until the cross over from gestation to birth.

This is a very important factor in the abortion debate because our cerebral cortex is what is responsible for our consciousness. Our motor skills, our sense of emotion, memory and physical feelings. Premature babies only show slight signs of basic sensory development. Embryos have no signs as the cerebral cortex hasn't developed yet at that stage.

So now this ethical debate can argue the question, and dare I ask, are fetuses the near equivalent to plants with heartbeats until birth if they can't actually feel pain, register emotion and have no conscious mind? I don't know, but taking the time to research this information has opened a whole new world of questions for me as far as what exactly we are before we are born and at what point our souls enter if consciousness doesn't occur until the end of gestation and beginning of birth.

So as you can see, there are many factors to this topic. From the rights of women and young girls being taken away, to questions of sentience prior to birth. I have more questions now then I did when I began this blog. But the fact remains the same, these laws that are being implemented which force decisions to be made on the behalf of the female gender, are a scary sign of the times we have entered. It is without doubt a war on women and a dangerous one at that.

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