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Slave Nation

Welcome to your cell within a cell, within a cell. A place and system you were born into by the 3rd dimensional choice of two other physical beings, which now you must pay the price of survival for because of that choice.

We are all inmates with various rankings. Born into a system that requires us to have a name and birth certificate with place of birth as our forever stamp for the prison we must live in for life. Unless we are granted permission to leave that prison to travel to, or reside in another.

But whether we do or don't, whether we go or stay, no matter where we live, we will be subjected to pay to exist where we are, anywhere on this planet.

It doesn't matter which perspective you look at it from within the physical aspect of our existence here. Physically we are limited to this planet and the consequences that come with existing here. As if it weren't enough that we already have these physical limitations and can't escape earth if we wanted to, we are even more limited with the rules set upon us that we must abide by. Except most don't even realize they have a choice and many place themselves willfully in their cells and take comfort in having others determine how they should exist.

Think it's funny and you're not being imprisoned? Answer this; what survival skills did you learn in school from your classroom? What essentials did you learn in school that weren't taught for the purpose of preparing you for future employment slavery? The closest I came, was home-economics that one term in elementary school where we got to learn how to sew a basket and bake a strudel.

So did you learn how to be happy and live sustainably, or how to be a slave worker?

We weren't actually taught to grow our own food or build our own homes. We were taught to focus on getting jobs so we can buy food and afford a mortgage payment for a home. We were taught that we're supposed to grow up, fall in love, get married and have kids, but we were never taught why. We were taught that it was important to support our local farmers because they work hard to produce all our food. But we weren't really taught how to grow it ourselves.

Most people live in condensed areas and often in apartments where growing food isn't really practical, aside from a small tomato plant and some herbs on a balcony, or a small veg garden in the backyard. So why not community gardens where tax dollars go to fund food that we can grow as a community in designated public areas so nobody ever has to worry about starving? Tax dollars can fund community greenhouses. Why aren't parks filled with fruit trees?

We usually hear and repeat the same rhetoric about supporting the farmers. It's so nice how we all care so much about supporting the farmers, that we conform to a system that has us existing on slave jobs that we are in no way passionate about and in fact a majority are miserable at. Yeah that seems fair. Well who is supporting us? Why is it so instilled in our minds to support the local farmer and not the local single mother who works 3 jobs just to be able to afford what should already be a basic human right, food?

Here is why; the slave owner government doesn't actually care about the farmers, they care about money. If societies were self-sustaining, we wouldn't need government and wouldn't be in desperate situations where we have to work various jobs in order to afford to exist and eat.

This is where the meat and dairy industry come into play and become the biggest nail in a century old coffin of social dependency. How many reading this have ever hunted? Would you still eat animals if you had to hunt them, skin them and hack them up yourself? Or would you hack up some lettuce and an avocado instead?

Animal agriculture not only enslaves animals, it enslaves people too. Most people will not hunt and mutilate a body for a meal. So there is a whole industry that will do the dirty work for you. You are dependent on them and a slave to supporting them and therefore work one or two jobs or even 'just' 40 hours a week so you can eat what you won't hunt and kill yourself.

We're also slaves to the material world. We're obsessed with seeming rich or being rich. We wanna feel the luxury of crap against our skin and have it be seen in our photos. So we slave work to have a little taste of luxury and some validating likes on our pics. We are slaves to fame, money, laziness and an easy ride to anywhere but here. We're slaves for the weekend. Living pay cheque to pay cheque so we can do nothing on Saturday but lay in front of Netflix watching season marathons because we need a rest from our stressful, busy work week. So we fill time with mindless entertainment while we wait to die and for Monday to creep back around again.

We're too tired being slaves to even notice how enslaved we actually are.

One major way they have kept us as slaves, is that they have convinced us that we are nothing more than physical beings. They have made us forget that we are light beings having a physical experience. Our physical selves exist in the 3rd dimension, but our spiritual selves can communicate in the 5th dimension. If you could remember just how powerful you are, you would never be a slave again. But most people can only perceive from a 3rd dimensional perception. Most don't understand their physical state was created by their own consciousness. Most dont understand that we are a collective consciousness extended from one universal Source.

This is hippy shit. It's hokey and not "realistic"... says a few billion energy beings living on a floating rock in an endless universe with no concrete explanation of their existence. I mean just the fact that existence exists, is mind boggling. But what's even more mind boggling, are the people that dont wonder at all. But then this has been the plan, to make you not wonder so your focus remains in a lower 3rd dimensional frequency and to keep you from connecting with your higher self. The one that lifts your consciousness out of the realms of this physical prison. You know who I'm talking about. The one whose whispers you mostly ignore.

Doesn't matter how luxurious your cell might be, we are all in this global maximum security penitentiary together with only one way out. What you do in here will determine where you go from here. What you seek here, you will find there. So spend your time seeking love, freedom, happiness and peace. Become un-enslaved. Remove the shackles, free your mind and reconnect with your higher self.

Lift the limits that you allowed to control you and change your perception. Look into the space beyond your body and soul, rather than only seeing passed the space. See how filled it is. There is no emptiness between us. We are all connected by an endless energetic light force. There is only oneness.

When we keep our perception within the constraints of the 3rd dimension, we set strict limits that keep us imprisoned and slaves without options. But when we realize that we are universal, that we are a stem from one eternal consciousness having individual experiences in physical form, we can free ourselves from physical limitations and societal expectations.

Complete the challenges you're faced with. They are part of your journey and your biggest lessons. Enjoy the rewards. Embrace all that you encounter here, as it will help to guide you there.

Exit cell, enter higher self.

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