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It's Time We Rise To Our Higher State Of Consciousness

Imagine for a moment that you are a limitless source of energy within the confines of a limited physical being having a human experience. Imagine this physical experience is nothing more than your own imagination. What you see, hear, feel and think is nothing more than an illusion created by your own consciousness.

Now imagine experiencing a higher state of consciousness. One that elevates your vibrational frequency to another dimension, giving you a deeper understanding of Oneness with the Universe. A collective consciousness made up of billions of micro-thoughts extended from One Source. One Love. One limitless, eternal state of pure consciousness.

Imagine waking up to a higher reality in your illusive state. Imagine your thoughts being so powerful, that they come to life within the realms of your physical reality. What you think of others, you actually think of yourself, as they are merely an extension of the same infinite consciousness as you are. What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself. The love you emit to others, comes back to you or doesn't for the same reason. The same energy that you give, you shall receive as everything is energy and you are everything you see and everyone you meet. This is what it means to see yourself in others. They are a mere extension of your own conscious state.

Imagine raising your vibrational frequency so high that you can’t see, feel or hear the negativity hovering way below, as negativity vibrates at the lowest of frequencies. It will always try to find it’s way to your energy as it needs it to exist. It behaves like a vampire toward higher vibrational beings, but the light from all the positive energy at a higher frequency is too blinding for the negativity to get in. This is why it is so important to protect your energy and release what no longer serves your greater purpose in life.

When vibrating at a low frequency, you are living in a breeding ground for negative energy to set within your conscious state of mind, which then dictates your physical state of well being, which in turn influences the energy surrounding you. We are all connected in such a way.

On a global level, our universal vibration is dangerously low. War, planetary destruction and so much anger, negligence, cruelty upon cruelty. We are a planet in distress. Look around you, the hate has taken over. It will be too late soon if most don't wake up. Terrorism is a household term and peace is a fantasy. We have forgotten our power. We have forgotten where we come from. We have forgotten that we are light beings here to spread love and keep peace. Everything we see is a reflection of ourselves. In order to heal the planet, we need to heal ourselves, we need to change ourselves and become the reflection we want to see in the world. We can all do better. And many have the ability to be doing so much better and assisting their brothers and sisters that face disadvantages. This is primarily where we are failing as planet dwellers and humanity as a whole.

We're not alone in this Universe. The sky is endless and filled with life for all eternity. More and more people are experiencing visits from other living beings from other solar systems concerned for the well-being of this planet and all inhabitants. These are other light sources from other dimensions. I see them often, as do certain other people that come here. I believe they present themselves selectively, which I base given when they visit and they always come in peace. I receive messages from them and no I’m not crazy. They're here.

Every time I post something about this, I receive private messages from people sharing their experiences. We're all so quiet about it out of fear of being ridiculed and called crazy, but the truth is, there are many people experiencing extraterrestrial phenomenons. I've not only seen their crafts, I've had personal experiences and receive messages from them. But I can't answer questions, like why.. why here, why hide from others.. ?

Even with a group here documenting some activity for a week, although they captured some phenomenons, they didnt capture what myself and only a couple others have seen. They stopped passing in the sky above my house that whole week once the fancy cameras were out... and now they're back.

I'm sharing this because it's time humanity starts to rise up and connect with their own higher consciousness. Realize that you are endless. You are so much more than the physical vessel you reside within. There is life outside of this world and this dimension. Time to remember who you are and where you come from.

This is a little exercise I would love to have you try. For one day, starting with the rest of today, but upon waking makes it even more powerful, so continue it tomorrow too... commit to at least one day of speaking and hearing of nothing negative. Only happy talk. It can be foofoo conversation, or deep discussions about the stars or love. As long as it is all positive thoughts or conversations. As the day continues, you'll notice an elevation in your mood. Someone opening the door for you, rather than letting it slam in front of you.. Or just not noticing the door slamming in front of you. The positive energy emitted from your thoughts and discussions will raise your vibrational frequency more and more. You will begin to feel lighter and lifted. You will begin to feel more gratitude and more love filling your energetic space. As you feel more gratitude and more love, you will continue to raise your consciousness and spiritual awareness. You will connect on a deeper level with every molecule you breathe in.

You'll notice a difference as soon as the thoughts and discussions go back to negative places. Positive thoughts and converstions leave us feeling energized. Negative thoughts and conversations leave us feeling drained and with a tension knot in the pit of our stomachs. If we all individually raise our vibration to a higher state of love, we collectively do so on a global level. This is how we begin to drive the hate out, by filling the darkness with our light.

Another great exercise - take at least an hour a day to yourself disconnected from everyone, ideally at night outside if you can, and just stare at the sky, or close your eyes. Just you, your thoughts and a world beyond this one. See where they start to take you. Ask questions to those above. They're listening. Trust that the Universe has your back and never forget you are a reflection of everything and everyone. Always practice being the reflection you want to see.

Peace and Blessings,

Pleiadian at heart 💜

~ Niss (Flower Blessings)

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