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Raise Your Vibration In 3 Minutes Simply By Committing To Peace

I am asking everyone to join me in a commitment to peace and raise your vibration simply by taking 3 minutes to consider this:

You are not just the physical person reading this, but also a spiritual being, an energy force here to spread love and peace. What you see before you is the reality your conscious mind has created based on what you think, see, feel and act upon.

You've heard of the law of attraction. Well everything that exists is based on that law. We create our universe and our journey. Our entire course of existence revolves around 3 things, tasks, challenges and rewards. We have to complete the tasks to overcome the challenges in order to reap the rewards.

We hear so many philosophies these days that tell us we have no purpose other than to exist. Rubbish. If the 20th century and 21st century to date have taught us anything, it is that we need to exercise our purpose now more than ever. We are here to spread love by simply being love. We are love. Our issue is that we don't understand this reality. We have been made to vibrate at a level that is too low for love to flow without obstruction or conditions. We are allowing the physical desires of humankind to supersede our spiritual selves. What we really are, is an endless flow of love that connects each one of us to one another, all species, the planet and universe. Or at least that is the purpose that we have lost sight of on so many levels.

It isn't too late. There are ways that we can redirect the path of the universe and conquer all challenges with love. This is the part that I really want you to consider. Take a moment to think about the law of attraction and how that may have impacted your life thus far. If you're unsure how that works, your personal law of attraction is based on the energy you release to the universe. This includes your own thoughts, as thoughts too are energy-based and are the root of what creates your reality. When you think about the thoughts you put out there as well as the words you speak, are they positive or negative? Are they doubtful or hopeful? Hopeful with the absence or presence of doubt? Are you grateful for all you have in your life? If this is a question you had to stop for even a split second to think about, then perhaps it's time to consider taking a minute to give thanks each day for all you have. For each person, moment, animal, or plant that has blessed your life in some way. Anything or anyone who put a smile on your face, held a door open for you - give thanks for and be truly thankful for them, as genuine gratitude is the most heart-filling way to raise your vibration. It speaks only love.

While your thoughts and words will manifest into your reality, your actions will create your karma. Not your thoughts and not your words, just your actions. This goes for both good and bad karma. Negative and positive. Our actions are an imprint in space. We can never take them back, we can only learn from them through the spread of genuine love. Through love we create peace and through peace we create our most profound karma.

What is peace? Peace to many is simply the absence of war, loving thy neighbour from a distance, or not inflicting direct harm onto others. Peace is; not destroying the earth or killing her inhabitants and not harming others for personal gain, personal pleasure or personal choice. It is also the absence of suffering on your plate and in your wardrobe. Yes this too creates karma, believe it or not. This is not vegan-pushing, this is physics. Your actions manifest into your reality by creating your karma. Inflicting or contributing to the suffering of another for personal gain, is simply not good karma no matter how we try to justify it.

Imagine a majority of humans praying for peace on earth. Now imagine that same majority of humans on this planet eating and wearing beings that were enslaved, confined, tortured and slaughtered needlessly for their personal pleasure or gain in some way. Does that describe an exchange of peace in any form? Now think about the world we live in, filled with famine, war, poverty, disease, climate devastation and immeasurable suffering. Could that be a reflection of the negative karma being created through all the devastation being caused by humankind? Could the current state of our suffering planet be the result of the collective karma we have created as a species through our own individual actions?

Peace begins with you and your personal choices. It begins with the energy you put into the universe. Your thoughts, your words and your actions is where the process begins. Create the peace you want to see in the world beginning with your self. Don't ingest the negative karma linked to the suffering of another by consuming their flesh. What we fill our bodies with should never come from a place of harm or death. Our karma is created in our stomachs and passed on through our hearts. It is what will amplify peace and create an endless flow of unobstructed and unconditional love.

When we understand peace as a reward we receive and not a challenge we face, we understand that attracting it is not only attainable, but a choice we make.


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