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I have a key to the universe and I want to sing about it to the world. But I suspect very few will listen. The ones that do will eventually understand.

About 22 years ago I came to a metaphorical fork in the road. I could go right or left. I was faced with the birth of an awakening, or choosing a life that allowed me to fit into society. I had no one around me that I could relate to. I had friends, but I was in a different state of mind. One that was on the brink of losing itself in the surrealism that was my reality. I developed agoraphobia and didn't leave my apartment for a long time. I think it may have been several months. My anxiety was unbearable. The world was too massive and I was too aware of my surroundings, my being and my existence. I felt trapped in my own skin and didn't feel a sense of belonging in it or on this planet.

Luckily I had and still have a wonderful friend that helped me through my agoraphobia and got me to take baby steps to going back out into the world. Being human became too real and I didn't understand what was happening. I had so many questions and so many sensations. But no one to share them with that could relate. It has never mattered who was around me my whole life, I always felt alone and out of place. When you're asked the question "why are you so weird" enough times, you begin to wonder the same thing and want to be anything but.

So I made a conscious decision to take the road that kept me in the normal lane. The one that allowed me to fit into a world that I desperately wanted to find my place in. I had a different consciousness back then, but no one to help guide me through what was becoming an intense and transitional time for me. I was too young and too inexperienced in my journey having absolutely no one to confide in that could assure me that what I was feeling was valid and I wasn't getting lost in my own head.

I was 20 years old living in the west end of downtown Toronto when I wrote a short journal about my realizations of being energy and eternal, understanding that we are souls with bodies having human experiences. We can not die. Our bodies would, but we would continue to exist in different forms. Our limbs were merely extensions of a body that we are within, but we are not our bodies themselves. This was a deeper state of existence coming at me all at once and I had no one to be able to share it with that could understand and help me feel like I wasn't losing my mind. There was no social media and no internet back then, the only ones to talk to were those in my life circle. This experience helped lead to my agoraphobia. But once I was out of my agoraphobic state, I lost my spirituality. I became whomever I was spending time around and avoided asking any question about the universe and my existence that I thought would make me lose myself in my own head again.

Well here I am 22 years later understanding now that what I was fighting against, was inevitably going to come back to me in divine time. Only this time with a better understanding of how to play the game of life and handle the anxiety that creeps in periodically. Not only are we all having human experiences, we are experiencing revolutionary times and are being challenged with how we handle the 21st century. We are existing in the era of corporatism, where money is the driving force of humanity and essential for existence within developed societies. It will determine the quality of life for a majority of the humans that inhabit this planet.

The problem with living in these times, aside from the disconnect to nature that has developed in the last 100 years, is that the chances of getting ahead for most seems near impossible. This is our challenge and part of the purpose of our existence during this era. The money system isn't designed to keep everyone in abundance of it. It would serve no purpose if everyone had plenty of it. If everyone knew how to play the game of life, they would understand how to create abundance in their lives by using money to get them there, with the understanding that money itself has no value.

This is the reason they keep us in school long enough to have us indoctrinated into a system that we become dependent on and a slave to. The only thing that formal education teaches, is how to get a job in the world of debt. It introduces us to debt by charging us for education before we even have a chance to earn any money. Most people that graduate, leave with no job and a lifetime of student debt. The education system was established to keep us dependent, desperate, working, paying taxes and unable to get ahead or catch up. Oh sure we're making some money, but those things we need like that fabulously mediocre apartment always seem to be just out of our price range. Seems like the closer we get to affording a bigger budget, the higher and more out of reach it becomes. We're always almost there, but never quite. Always reaching and hoping and then giving into a system that allows us to achieve some of our material wants, by trapping us with interest payments and credit increases. We have turned having careers into having a means to pay for our wants. There is little passion left in what we're collectively putting into the universe as a result.

Think about it, why do you have to have a career? Obvious answer is to make money. Where is the passion in that? Why do you need to make money and commit to an average of 8 hours a day plus commute time, 5 days a week just to earn paper? Why do you need to spend a majority of your waking hours working, travelling for work or preparing for work? How much money do you need and for what? Food, clothing, shelter, are the obvious answers. These are the basic necessities and yet a majority of people can't have these things unless they are working 2 or more jobs and very long hours, just to exist when essentially they never asked to be here.

You are here because your parents were led to believe that this is the dream. Marriage, mortgage and kids. They were doing you a 'favour' by giving you the gift of life so that you can work a majority of it, likely for someone else, become a tax payer and like most others, swim in debt while living the manufactured dream and biggest lie of the 20th century. You were sold snake oil. Living a life of debt and dependence on a crooked system that is designed to prevent you from moving up, is not the dream.

Money has been given false value. The only time it has any value, is when it is owed. Money is worthless, but debt and investments are valuable for different reasons and to different parties. Debt keeps you in line and obedient. Investments buy you freedom. Debt will make you a slave if you allow it to own you. But if you play the game right, you can use tools like debt, to help you achieve your goals. Let's face it, most people have some debt, if not a lot. There is no time more important than now to turn that around. The key is to not become consumed with consumerism and to never create debt without an investment in place. If you're going to live in the matrix, learn to play the game right.

Here are some ways to live your best life and create abundance in a money-based era -

Don't Create Debt, INVEST In It

Contrary to public belief, debt is only a negative if it is a divestment. When used properly, a bank debt can be utilized as a silent investor instead. When you are investing in something that requires creating some debt, like a mortgage, that keeps you in a surplus and counteracts the debt created. Real estate is a very lucrative investment, if you stay within market value or below. Only purchase within your affordable payment means and buy in areas that are up and coming, or close to.

Another great investment is yourself. Once you establish your true passion, investing in creating a world that you can live in and live off of, is another way to counteract a debt with an investment, by making that debt the investment. Manifestation is key here. You can read more about that in my last blog. What you want to avoid is creating a debt that puts you in a deficit with no investment. Once you are in a deficit, you are opening yourself up to the universe for more debt and it becomes a very challenging cycle to break. But if you create an investment from a debt by putting it into something that you can be sure will give back, you are creating abundance in your life and in turn emitting positive energy into the atmosphere. This will create a chain reaction of financial growth. In other words, credit card debt for material items that offer no real investment or financial growth, will only breed more material debt. I know, I lived it.

The key here is to not remain with that debt and to make your investment work for you. The only way to move ahead, is to not plan for retirement in old age. Living in a house you buy until you die is a great investment... for the person inheriting it when you die. If you create a debt to create an investment, then be sure to make that investment work for you. If it is a good time to sell and reinvest in a step closer to your dream, then do it. But don't create debt for an investment that you aren't going to utilize (unless of course that is your true goal). Otherwise it will just become stagnant and so will the flow of money.

My Example of investing in debt; I left art college unfinished, I owed thousands in student loans, had a terrible credit score and ended up on welfare. It took me a couple of years of working odd jobs before I found a stable one at a front desk in a skin care clinic in the late 90's. It allowed me to afford my share of the rent and pay off my student debt and actually improve my credit score.

I was at a place in my young life where I had no clue what I wanted to do, who I was, who I wanted to be, what kind of life I wanted to live... because I was never really asked to think about that in depth. Having so little life experience back then, it was not a question I would have been able to answer. Instead I was raised to think about school, career (figure one out, whatever pays for life) and then get married and have kids. There was never anything on that list that I was actually passionate about. I was just programmed to take these steps toward this mass produced lifestyle. I thought I wanted those things at the time because it seemed to be what everyone else wanted. But as it turned out, I was wrong.

One thing I had always maintained - and I am still not sure what the core reason was - but I always wanted to buy a house. That was on my list from a young age. Perhaps it was seeing my immigrant parents invest in nothing except buying a home and knowing that they created a base of comfort that way. They invested in something that was inevitable to grow with time in a rapidly developing area.

I spent a long while trying to get into the real estate game with no real savings and just good credit to rely on. For years it hadn't worked in my favour, until I worked it in my favour. Without even realizing it at the time, I manifested buying my first home just by living, breathing, sleeping, eating real estate. I flipped through real estate magazines, and began checking online listings by my late 20's. Always keeping a close eye on investment properties.

I was hoping to buy a home with my then boyfriend. Buying a home never worked out at that time and neither did the relationship. The timing wasn't right for either. It wasn't until I continued manifesting this into my early 30's that things began to change as my life and circumstances did.

At 31 years old, a new bi-law passed in Ontario allowing first time buyers to purchase a home with no down-payment, as long as they had an excellent credit score. What were the odds that this would happen at this time in my life when I had just gone through a break-up (having ended my 9 year relationship) and was ready to focus on and invest in me? I manifested for years buying a home, but it happened in divine time and not a minute sooner. I bought my first house in the city by myself before 32 years old with only a thousand Canadian dollars in the bank and an excellent credit score. Shortly after I closed on the house, that law was scrapped and it went back to a mandatory 5-10% down regardless of credit score in order to finance a home. Something most couples, let alone singles aren't easily able to do. I was given a small window of opportunity to enter a system that I otherwise had no potential of entering.

There are no coincidences in the game of life, only challenges, rewards and a belief system that begins with believing in the power of one's'self'.

Now it wasn't smooth sailing after that by any stretch. I bought a house that had so many things wrong with it, had I known before I purchased it, I never would have purchased it, which only would have prolonged the journey to getting to where I needed to be. I won't go into the details of all the crazy challenges I faced there, but I will mention why this is significant. This was the unraveling of the rest of my life. This allowed me to make an instant debt an instant investment and trade it in for a bigger investment. That investment over time is what has paid for my freedom. It got me here in Belize living my dream-reality sequence. What I did was take my investment out of the growing debt system and invested it in me. I couldn't keep up with the cost of living expenses, on top of having any sort of a life and having a house in the city on my own for the long term. I still utilized the debt system strategically to help build the investment further by selling my then house as the seller's market kept improving, maximized my cash flow by doing so and then invested it all in creating my best life. I realized my freedom depended on investing in me.

The way to invest in you - Create the world you want to live in. By investing in yourself and your immediate future, rather than "investing" in old age with death trap retirement savings. By doing so, you can stretch your dollar and increase your investment far greater than you would if you were to leave it sitting in a corporate banking system collecting minimal interest and being charged fees. Imagine living your best life by simply investing everything from your dollars to your thoughts, into you.

Money Can't buy happiness, but it can buy the path that will lead you to it.

Don't Fool Yourself, You Need Money

Money is a necessary tool in the age of capitalism. Whether you are born into it, or have to earn it yourself, unless you are living in an African tribe, or the likes of, you will need it to succeed and create the life you want and live your purpose. Even if you wanted to live completely off the land on your own in a completely natural manner, realistically you will need money to get you there and to purchase or rent a piece of land to do so. Otherwise you may be living in a squatter's paradise with an unstable shelf-life.

Learn how to use the system so you can beat the system; Banks are there to lend and hold money. Most of us are already using them to hold our money. We aren't people to them, we are credit scores with high and low risks. The better your credit score, the better your relationship with your bank. They don't care how much money you actually have, they care how much you can afford to pay back with interest in monthly installments. If you have a good credit score, you are considered low risk. If you are low risk, your chances of getting a loan will increase significantly. Play the game.

Now the only reason you would go this route, is if you needed the money to get ahead and invest in yourself. Once you have manifested where you want to be, invest in it. Create it. Make it happen. There are tools out there for you to use, not abuse. That is your test. Your passion, determination and love for what you are doing, is what will bring you success in your venture. You don't need the confidence to take the first step. You just need to have the passion and a purpose that you believe in. Trust that confidence will come with experience and believe in yourself.

There are thousands of people living nature's sweet life off-grid, boycotting society and all things fascist and money-driven, some in fantastic container homes and hand-built log cabins away from the material world... but they too began with money in order to build the foundation of that dream life. Nothing is free and unfortunately for us, the currency to pay for living, comes in the form of cash flow. If you are only increasing your cash flow with the intention of just paying the bills so you can continue to barely get by in your current situation, you will never increase your cash flow beyond that. But if you set your intention for your cash to flow toward your goals in abundance and not just bills, you will begin to see a shift in balance and be a step closer to achieving your goals.

Here is the simplest way to start; Unless you are already in a cash surplus and don't need outside 'investors' (aka; bank loan) you can build your credit score in order to obtain bank assistance. Put on hold the things that are least relevant on your material 'want' list. Make sure it is material and not something essential. Sacrifice one thing at a time and watch how your cash will slowly begin to flow toward you and your goals, and your desire for material things will subtly begin to decrease.

A good way to help diminish your desire for certain material things, is by having less exposure to them. If scrolling on Instagram causes you to want everything you see, then start making everything you see, things that contribute to your goal. Those wants are just distractions that are preventing you from reaching your full potential because they are nothing more than energy vampires. The more energy you give to the material world, the more power you give it and the more influence it has over you.

Remember, that world can not survive without your energy funding it in every way. Don't strive to have to depend on an easily distracted society to manipulate into funding your own lifestyle. Without your support, the empire of those whose livelihood depends on a world of false followings, would crumble and never have existed to begin with. They are the definition of energy vampires. They need you in order to gain any power and you receive nothing back from them.

Avoid a life that requires depending on the outside world to be easily manipulated into funding your lifestyle and instead create something that others are drawn to because they will benefit from it. That will recycle and uplift energy and keep it flowing in a positive manner, as life is all about give and take. What we put out there, we receive. We are building and determining how the universe responds, just by creating a level of energy within our surroundings that will either be complimentary to our purpose, or further challenging.

Always Have Goals, Not Hopes

Hope is not an achievement, goals are. Create goals for your future with the plan to achieve them, rather than the hope to. The word hope puts doubt into the atmosphere and can hold you back by creating confusion and an unsettled energy. Setting goals without the doubt of hoping to achieve them, shows dedication and promise. Trust that the universe is listening. Once you set a goal and work toward it, the only thing that can hold you back from achieving it, is you. Challenges along the way are meant to be completed. There is no such thing as failure, only an opportunity to try again and improve yourself in the process. Remember, it's all about timing. What you manifest will happen in divine time.

Revolve your world around your goals. Your goals don't have to be anything specific, they just have to move you in the direction that feels the most natural, beneficial, genuine and gratifying. This will lead you to finding where you want to physically and spiritually be taken.

Be Grateful

Be genuinely grateful for all you already have. It is important to remember all the good in our lives. Mornings right after waking are a perfect time to give thought and thanks to all the things in your life that you are grateful for. Giving appreciation will bring you appreciation.

Freedom Is Happiness

Freedom allows you to choose what your happiness is and live it, rather than trying to adjust your happiness to what your circumstances are. That is why it is important to invest in yourself in order to achieve the freedom of choosing your happiness and affording the path to it.

Listen To The Signs

Learn to listen to the signs. If you're not sure how, everything that makes you stop and think or feel a certain way, is a sign of something. Feel what it is telling you. It may take time. Let it. The more you practice using your own instinct, the more powerful it will become.

You are your most powerful tool in the game of life. Start listening to and believing in yourself in order to raise your frequency. The more within you go, the more you will grow. The more you open yourself up, the clearer the signs will become.

Your purpose is greater than you ever imagined. Start believing to start receiving.

Peace & much love,


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