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The Magic of Manifestation

There's an old saying, "build it, they will come". I never understood before just how much this relates not only to the literal translation, but in everything we say and do. The energy we put into the world, positive, negative, whatever it may be, is how we create the world around us. Be what you want to attract and create the world you want to live in. Not sure how? It all starts with a dream, that becomes a wish, that becomes a focus, that becomes a goal, that becomes you. Create it in your mind and then live it. Manifest it and watch the world you work to build, unravel and become your reality.

So simple and yet so far-fetched, right? It is simple and not at all far-fetched, but only when you learn to accept the endless challenges you will face as necessary and invaluable teachings, lessons, experiences and tests. For every set back that you let set you back, you will never surpass and will only repeat until you make the effort to push through and deal with them as necessary challenges. Why do you let things set you back? Because you created a limit for yourself. If you don't ever cross that limit, you will keep stopping there and will never move forward, repeating the same cycle until you hit the same limit over and over again. That is how dreams remain dreams.

Embrace the challenges and understand their importance. Understand that what will exist is what you create and feed energy to. Although the outcome may not always be the exact vision you began with, it will be the one that manifested within you.

If you proceed while surrounded with negative energy, it will follow you and not only impact your outcome, but become it. Learning to let go and accepting what you can't control, is the first step you need to take before setting off on any pursuit, if you hope for success. Keep in mind, the only thing you can't control are others.

This way of living beyond the physical reality of existence is a simple understanding of being present in a metaphysical state. The same energy that the thoughts in your head are influenced by, is what influences your reality. Your reality is the thoughts in your head. You are your thoughts.

I've seen the magic of manifestation work in so many ways. Both negative and positive. I have lived it, I am it and I have seen it shape the lives of every person around me. Most don't even know it. From people that manifest pity, illness, hatred, sadness, jealousy and envy. Their cycle will forever revolve around what they give their energy to. Life is and always will have its share of pity, illness, hatred, sadness, jealousy and envy. These are some of our challenges that we can either face or fuel. The more energy we give to something without resolve or acceptance, the more we will fuel it and the more it will face us. You must learn the lesson and be content enough to move on and let go, or forever hold on and not only live a life with a limiting pattern, but be doomed to endlessly repeat it.

Start manifesting the life you were born to live by always

practicing the 5 L's, my personal mantras:

Let go - Let go and accept what you can't control

Let in - Open yourself up and let the universe in

Love - Be love, give love, be guided by love

Learn - Learn something from everything and everyone

Live - Live your best life

Peace and much love,


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