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How Retreats Are Becoming The New Vacation

In an ever-speeding fast paced world like ours, more and more people are finding themselves looking for the extreme opposite of the lazy drunk vacation, amidst the fast life. One that involves more than laying on the beach and sipping cocktails, which is still a first choice for many vacationers. But what about those of us who just want to retreat to a quiet place and eat mindfully of our health, of others and the planet? Those of us who want to be sipping coconut water by a quiet body of water and surrounded by only a small group of others? Those of us that want to wake up to the option of a Yoga class, followed by meditations and healthful and fascinating workshops? Those of us who want to take more than fuzzy memories home with us, but rather deeper connections, new experiences and new heights of enlightenment?

... Well we can go on retreats of course. But it wasn't always so simple. Now we have them coming up more and more, with an increase in demand like never before and there's a reason for that.

I've been to numerous all-inclusive resorts and although I've had good experiences, hence why there's been more than one, I've always felt they were missing the mark as far as catering to people of all types. Those of us that aren't really drinkers and aren't hanging at the buffet for hours, but are in search of healthy vegan options and more than a pool scuba lesson or Michael Jackson theatrical show.

At first I thought I was the only one and therefore this just wasn't a tapped market for the lack of interest. Turns out there are millions of us walking this earth wanting the same ideals in a restful vacation that we can only spare a short week or two for. An experience that goes deeper than mindless entertainment and getting our money's worth in watered down alcohol by the pool. We want a vacation that we can invest in, where our investment is in ourselves and our experiences that stay with us for our lifetime.

Specialized retreats are becoming the new norm in vacationing and a growing trend that will only continue to grow in a world that is ready for a new strategy at combating the fast paced life, with therapeutic, detoxifying experiences that are typically meant to leave you refreshed and energized... physically... spiritually... and mentally.

It's wonderful to see such a growing trend in the intimate world of retreats. So many people wanting a deeper connection with themselves and the raw world around them.

Perhaps it's the current state of the planet with all the ongoing disasters, wars, economical fall-outs and unfathomable cruelty, but as the world gets faster paced and more chaotic, the need for personal growth, self-love, mental, physical and spiritual healing all become very relevant and apparent. We had a long run as a detached culture, generally speaking. We separated ourselves from nature and unconnected with humans and other beings. We relied so much on general standards of how to live within the norms of society without even realizing it. We learned to work, land a perfect or not-so perfect career and wed the ideal, or not-so ideal mate. Well with our growing populations and suffering economy, the only thing growing in the career market, is the stress of finding one and having one. Relationships aren't fairy tales and don't just balance themselves out, they take effort. Lots of effort.

So what do we typically do for temporary relief of all our stresses? We take a break, a holiday somewhere with palm trees and a pool or the ocean and we do one of 3 things, either avoid hangovers and stay drunk and full of resort food, or lay on the beach & read a book and avoid drinking. Or a mix of both, which is nice for some, but it has no real long-term benefit. Unfortunately the reality so often, is going home depressed because you're back to more work to make up for lost time and missing your vacation and then all your beach-side rejuvenation is lost in a day.

I'm not the only one that has caught on to this cycle, seeing as there are more and more people that don't want to come home missing their short holiday, they want to come home with a new or enhanced outlook on their current surroundings, whatever those surroundings may be. They want to come home feeling a deeper understanding of where their happiness and peace resonate from. They want to come home eating healthier and feeling healthier and detoxed and not like they need to work off their vacation weight, or go on a cleanse.

Times have changed. Humans are becoming more conscious of the world around them, their health and their need for true happiness within, not just the societal ideals of what happy appearances look like.

We are all connected by land, water, sea, spirit and we are waking up to this realization that is taking over and helping us reconnect with each other and this planet that we share. We are also learning how to implement these deeper connections and understandings into our daily lives.

Retreats offer a variety of experiences, so it makes it much easier for people to find a perfect fit for them to explore new heights that can benefit them within so many aspects of their own lives. It's a wonderful and much needed growing trend that will only help others reach a deeper state of consciousness, a deeper awareness of self and a healthier outlook on life, diet and their personal connections with others...

... as we are all connected. Let us never forget that.

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