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A 30 Day Challenge

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming 30 Day Youtube challenge ‘I Survived Veganism’! We are so thrilled with the amount of email responses received so far! Great to see so many people open to trying a vegan lifestyle!


This challenge was created to introduce non-vegans to all the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and plant-based diet. It was also created to bring people together in an intimate setting, away from the influences of the outside world, living mindfully, unplugged, meditating and connecting with nature and with one another in the Belizean jungle - in a beautiful, rustic resort-type setting just a mile from the Caribbean Sea.


This show is the first of its kind, where we help those on a heavy meat-based diet live on a plant-based diet and introduce them to the simplicity of a vegan lifestyle.


Candidate Criteria:


  • Must be non-vegan

  • Must be willing to try a vegan lifestyle and commit to spending 6 weeks in the challenge

  • Must be over 18 to participate

  • Must be willing to be on camera for the duration of the challenge for our youtube channel or any other internet platform or network; and willing to sign a release form


We are looking for 10 non-vegans in total, including one couple of any orientation willing to attempt to transition together. You will be living in a communal space with both shared and private sleeping cabanas on single beds. The couple will have a queen bed and private room.


There is a meditation room, cabana reading lounge, yoga studio/lounge, shared open-air showers and fresh water jungle pool for contestants’ use.


All contestants will have their meals made and served at the onsite vegan bistro and, as determined, a juice-fast on a few specified days.


There will also be guided meditations, some yoga classes and plenty of self-reflection and self-realization and some days of complete silence. This can make for a very intense atmosphere if the energy is conflicting, so part of the show is to display the cycle of emotional and transitional events that occur for each person during their journey toward veganism and enlightenment, on a spiritual and dietary level.

**We are independently running this production and consuming most of the cost, however some fees will be associated with participation. Serenity Retreats Belize®  agrees to cover the costs associated with lodging. Each participant agrees to their registration and food cost, totalling $1,000us each for the duration of the 30 days. That covers registration, production fees and all your meals, prepared at Serenity Grove Vegan Bistro.


If you would like to participate, please send us an email answering the following questions. We will be narrowing it down based on responses.

  1. Tell us why you would be a perfect candidate to participate

  2. How much meat and dairy do you consume in a day?

  3. Do you wear fur/leather and willing to ditch them for 30 days?

  4. Have you ever considered trying a vegan lifestyle and plant-based diet before?

  5. Have you ever gone vegan or vegetarian before?

  6. Do you have any jungle fears; and if so, what are they?


Thanks again for your interest! Please copy and paste the above questions in an email with your responses and we will be in touch :)


Peace and Blessings,


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