The Ethical Witches & Wizardry Retreat

A Mystical Awakening


Rissa Vibes

April 18th - 24th, 2020

Journey into a land of enchantment and mystical activations with this 7 Day retreat in Belize!! Learn how to forge your own magic tools and how to use them for ethical

enchantments and spells! 

We are releasing the stigmas placed on Witches and Wizardry by teaching the true essence of love, light and integrity that a connection with your inner mystic can provide!

We all have magic within us, and this is our time to explore its profound power for the highest good of all! 

Each guest will get to make their own magic wand and ancient Mayan pentacle during the retreat and will also be

gifted a sacred stone dagger and chalice for conjuring magic!

These will be the tools for your own ethical enchantments during the retreat and for you to take home and continue your mystical journey. 


This is literally our most magical gathering yet!

-Rest and relax in the blissful beauty of Serenity Retreats Belize Vegan Resort


-Align your mind, body and spirit with the natural divinity that exists within you 


-Release resistance to your purest positive potential as an outstanding Witch/Wizard 


-Create your own magic wand, pentacle, chalice and dagger to use and take with you for continued alchemy


-Learn and participate in magic circle creation and nature magic connection 


-Identify your unique magic name and mystical guide


-Explore the enchanting jungles of Belize, gorgeous naturescapes and the cleansing energy of the carribean sea 


-Learn and participate in specific spells provided by Ascended Master Merlin for Abundance, overcoming adversity & becoming invisible/shape shifting. 


-Visit the Ancient Mayan ruins, pyramids and energy vortexes of Lamanai Belize  

-Kayak to a secret beach and collect washed ashore ancient Mayan pottery pieces


-Experience a mystical moon ceremony with cacao and a high vibe community 


-Receive direct guidance, teaching, channelings and workshops from intuitive coach Rissa Vibes


-Activate your conscious creative power in recognizing your unique magical gifts and alchemical divinity


-Understand the elements and the ways they influence energy and vibration for divine magical power


-Participate in daily mystic meditations, visualizations and practices to incorporate into your life's journey for continued acceleration of your soul power 

With the liveliness of Spring and its blossoming beauty in all things natural, this retreat will surely sprout you into the alchemy, enchantment and soul expansion that you are ready to flourish in!

Rissa Vibes

Rissa Vibes is a Love & Light Trance Channel, Intuitive Guide & Musical artist activating higher vibrational frequencies within the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Cosmic Self through Sacred Energy Cleansings, Mediumship, Motivational Speaking and transformative workshops for enlightenment and personal development. 

Rissa’s unique blend of knowledge and intuition adds balance to her approach as her degree in Psychology and experience as a behavioral health counselor offers a clear communication of spiritualist teachings that cater to both the scientific and abstract minds alike.


In the 5 years she’s been doing her work, Rissa’s practice and following has expanded quickly with the light of Source and the passion in her heart guiding the way! Rissa continues to spread her knowledge through private sessions and public gatherings as a gifted Motivational Speaker and Intuitive, presenting a vast array of teachings, including Intuitive Development, Multidimensional & Cosmic Consciousness and Channeling events to an ever-expanding

global audience.

She is full of bliss to be able to connect with all the beautiful
souls that are divinely placed on her path and she can’t wait to connect with you!

Retreat Itinerary & Experience

All attendees will receive journals upon arrival. We encourage each guest to enjoy some personal time  prior to going to bed & upon waking up, which are both ideal times to create and add to their gratitude lists while setting intentions for night and day. 

Each guest will be on their own personal journey and here for their own purpose. We have found the greatest benefit our guests have experienced in this sacred space, is the peacefulness and atmosphere ideal for deep healing and self-reflection.

Therefore this retreat will be focused on our classes and workshops with plenty of personal time in between, where we encourage spending time taking in the immense energy from our enchanting, Eden-esque surroundings and absorbing all the valuable  insight and information you will receive from our retreat hosts.

April 18th

3-5pm        Arrivals

5:30pm      Welcome Dinner (All meals served onsite at Serenity Grove Vegan Bistro)

7:00pm      Element Meditation: Earth


April 19th

7:30-8:30 AM       Intention Setting Stretch & Magic Meditation                                     (Discover your Magic Name & Magic Guide) 


8:45am:                  Breakfast

9:30am:                  Sea kayaking to secret beach in search of                                             ancient Mayan pottery pieces


1:00pm:                  Lunch 

                                 After lunch (Choose your Magic Wand                                                                  from the Almond Tree)

5:30pm:                 Dinner


6:30-8pm:            Enchantment Workshop:

                                Tool Making ~ Magic Wand & Pentacle


8:00pm:                Element Meditation: Fire


APRIL 20th         

7:00am:                Intention Setting Stretch & Magic Meditation                                      (Connect to Your Inner Wizard/Witch & Magic Guide)


8:00am:                Breakfast


8:30am:                Excursion:

                                Lamanai Mayan Ruins w/ Riverboat Trip &                                            Lunch


5:30pm:                Dinner

6:30pm:                Lamanai Reflection


7:00pm:                Element Meditation: Water           


APRIL 21st:

7:30-8:30am:      Stretch & Magic Meditation

                                   (Surrendering to your Inner Mystic Consciousness)


9:00am:                Breakfast


12:30pm:              Lunch


4:30pm:                 Element Meditation: Air


5:30pm:                 Dinner


6:30pm:                 Enchantment Workshop:

                                    Creating Our Magic Circle + Shape Shifting /                                                   Invisibility Spell 


APRIL 22nd 

7:30-8:30am:       Stretch + Magic Meditation

                                 (Intention Setting + Integrating Shape Shifting                                                 Enchantment)


9:00am:                Breakfast

12:30pm               Lunch


4:30pm:                Element Meditation: Spirit


5:30pm:                Dinner (slightly earlier for more time in workshop)


6:30pm:                Enchantment Workshop:

                                New Moon Cacao Ceremony & Abundance                                                         Spell + Releasing Adversity Spell


APRIL 23rd:

7:30-8:30am:        Intention Setting Stretch + Magic Meditation                                     (Integrating Abundance and Released Adversity                                               Enchantments)


9:00am:                  Breakfast


12:30pm                 Lunch


5:30pm:                  Dinner


6:30pm:                  Enchantment Workshop:

                                      Ethics of Enchantment + Channel & Chill with                                                Master Merlin


APRIL 24th:

7:30-11:00am:      Breakfast grabs and farewells

Pricing starts as low as $1,696

Save 10% if you book before February 28th, 2020!

Transportation to and from airport included. 

Meals included:

Vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & some juices.

Served onsite at Serenity Grove Vegan Bistro

Send us an email with questions or to reserve your spot at

Plant-Based Living

1588 Serenity Road
Corozal, Belize
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