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Back To Earth

Eco-Survival Retreats

w/ Foster & Niss


There is no time more important than the present to go back to our most natural way of living. With the world in the unstable direction it continues to go in, more and more people are finding themselves being pulled back to earth. Back to nature. Back to a simpler, happier and healthier way of life - physically and mentally as well as spiritually. But so many don't know where to start. How to grow their own food, how to identify edibles in nature and how to combat climate change by creating home systems that contribute to planet sustainability and helping restore earth's balance. 

We have designed retreats perfect for those that are ready to move back to nature, but who need the guidance and experience. Those who attend, will learn how to create their own eco-system, how to build and use home inventions as renewable energy sources and how to grow their own food organically in a hot climate using a self-composting system. Most of all, how to be ready for life in a place like Belize. 

Foster has been living mostly off the land in Belize for almost a decade. In that time, he has researched and mastered the skill and the art of organic, sustainable growing in the damp, hot Northern Belizean climate and has learned to identify and survive off wild edible sources. 

Niss has been living in Belize since 2016, in which time she has created a sustainable vegan eco-resort and community, with sustainable, self-composting systems, well-fed fresh water pool and eco-system in place. 

Together, Foster & Niss have a substantial amount of valuable knowledge and experience that can save so many people years of research and thousands of dollars, when transitioning to a 'Back to Earth' way of life in a rustic paradise like Belize. 

Some retreat highlights that you can look forward to, include the following workshops:

~ Learning about the benefits of organic growing, living soil, humanure composting  system and intentional community living with shared resources. 

~ Rain-water filtration and how to build a well-fed eco-pool & living pond system. 

~ Solar drying. solar cooking and hands on learning how to make your own solar cooker.

~ Growing, prepping and sprouting your food.

~ Bush walking tour and wild edible recognition.

~ Vegan Eco-Village/Intentional Community Tour.

~ Hands on learning to build your own spinning raft plant-bed. 

~ Lamanai Mayan Ruin Tours

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