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The Road To Serenity Begins Here...

A Creative & Spiritual Vegan Society.
Retreat Center, Tiny Home Community
& Rescue Sanctuary.



Thank you for visiting our page. We are currently transferring ownership of Serenity Retreats Belize to a wonderful vegan woman! We are so excited to introduce your new retreat host soon! Big changes and reopening announcements coming soon!


Welcome to the site of Serenity Retreats Belize. We are located within 'The Garden of Vegan Intentional Calm-Unity of Belize', in the quiet district of Corozal and soon to be expanding with our 2nd location in the beautiful hills of Stann Creek District.


Serenity Retreats Belize is    an intimate and unique vegan retreat resort & community.


Please read the following and carefully consider the type of experience you hope to achieve here and what your goal is while staying with us. This is important to consider as this will not be your typical vacation for many reasons.

1) What to know about the energy here:  This is a sacred space and a magical place where manifestations take on a life of their own and respond quickly to the intentions being set forth. Thoughts not only come to life here, they reflect and amplify. We are situated on ancient Mayan land and the energy is intense and strongly felt. It can take a few days of opening yourself up in order to adjust and align your vibration to the same frequency. The experience you have will be determined by the energy given and received. The two will always hold a mirror to each other. This place will wow you and test you at the same time. Those of us that live on the premises are still amazed at the powerful intensity that surrounds us here, protects us and continues to elevate us to new heights of enlightenment.


2) We are in the jungle: There are plenty of UFOs, mosquitoes, toads, snakes, tarantulas, reptiles, scorpions, rodents, jaguars, coatimundis and all sorts of jungle life that you may or may not encounter during your stay here. The accommodations are similar to that of glamping without the glamour, but with endless beauty. They are basic cabanas made of authentic unpeeled pimenta stick walls with a screened-in common area and shared bathrooms. Showers are open-air. It is very dark at night when there is no moonlight. This is all part of the adventure and ideally part of the appeal of booking with us. However, if these are challenges that you don't feel are ones you are open to experiencing during your stay here, please allow us to recommend nearby vegan accommodations that may be better suited for your needs, as there is something suitable for everyone in Belize depending on the experience you hope to achieve.

3) Those whom benefit most by staying here: 

- Those open to experiencing jungle life with all it's surprises and critters.

- Those looking for a peaceful and inspirational place for self-discovery and/or seek further enlightenment. 

- Those looking to enjoy fantastic vegan cuisine at our onsite vegan bistro.


Our Setting 

Our complementary blend of Mayan, Buddhist and Jungle inspired accommodations are 

surrounded by two beautifully landscaped acres of private paradise within a tropical forest, just a mile from the Caribbean Sea, Corozal Bay. Within our lush tropical forest is our own beautiful Goddess jungle fresh water eco-pool with trickling waterfall surrounded by coconut trees and lush jungle. We are in a peaceful and tranquil environment, frequented by a variety of colourful, tropical birds. Many green parrots and blue Yucatan Jays. This peaceful garden is the perfect setting and a perfect getaway for anyone looking for a unique experience in a different kind of paradise on a dirt-road less travelled...


Our mission is to provide you with a completely plant-based experience to help benefit your mind, body and soul. Our further goal is to help provide you with the ideal environment and surrounding energy, to help you walk away another step deeper into your awakening. 

1. The energy of new beginnings, freshness, an open and unobstructed flow.

5. Radical transformation and change, adventure.

88. Infinitely abundant energy, never ending flow, blessings.

Serenity Road


During your stay, you can enjoy plant-based vegan meals a la carte or included with retreats at Serenity Grove onsite vegan bistro. Workshops and daily classes are available at our onsite Studio for the Arts & Activity. Zumba, salsa, yoga, guided meditation, arts & crafts and meal prep workshops. 

Tour our onsite vegan intentional tree-house community & stay in one of our pool-side pimenta stick cabanas. Join as a member and stay for free.

If you feel a pull to come here, there is a reason. Everyone comes with a purpose. You will have an enlightening and transformational experience. If you don't feel that pull, that's OK too. It simply means you aren't ready yet. Everything happens in divine time. 

Live, breathe, be one with us in Belize

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