Be a part of the World's First

 Tropical Vegan Neighbourhood


We now have sponsorship for

3 months of rent-free community living 




Sunset Cabana Village!

We are looking for other vegans that are ready to make a difference

and help build vegan bridges, neighbourhoods and communities across the globe,

simply by living in them.


We are opening this incredible opportunity up to 12 vegans and their best-friend or partner and even their child!

This is a flagship campaign to help kick-start vegan communities across the globe!

We are starting the vegan revolution right here at our own already established vegan community in Belize!


What's the catch?

You must be vegan and already live a vegan lifestyle.

What's the purpose?

To build vegan communities around the globe, starting with our own in Belize. We already have the vegan resort, the tree-houses, the vegan village, the eco-fresh water pool, the restaurants and we're only a mile from the Caribbean Sea! 

What are the benefits and to whom?

1) This opens the door for other vegans around the globe to experience intentional community living in a vegan jungle paradise, on a dirt road less travelled with next to no cost to them, except for their own off-site groceries and travel/visa costs.

Food grown on premises is included!

2) This opens the door for other vegans to work away from home for several months if their work can be done online, as wifi is included.

3) This opens the door for vegans that are certified yoga teachers, fitness instructors, art teachers, dance teachers, vegan chefs, bloggers and so much more, to gain experience and share their skills with others.

4) It will allow us to create a harmonious space based on having a diverse neighbourhood of ethically conscious people who possess the same vegan values.

5) It allows us to create a sustainable dream-life experience for other vegans that otherwise might not have the opportunity to live in an intentional community in paradise away from the rat race.

6) It allows us to raise money to fund having 12 or more different vegans come and experience intentional community living every 3-6 months if enough people help sponsor this opportunity every 3-6 months.

7) It allows funding for expansion of a developing vegan neighbourhood and rescue sanctuary. It also adds more compassionate animal lovers to our neighbourhood who could be additional help with rescuing more dogs and pigs and other animals in need.

8) If enough people pitch in every 3-6 months, it will help us expand with more sustainable vegan neighbourhoods across Belize and the entire globe and will allow for more and more vegans to experience this incredible opportunity

every 3-6 months rent-free!

The Revolution Starts Here

Creating a vegan world, one intentional community at a time!

How To Apply


1) Follow us on IG @plantbasedbelize and

FB @SerenityRetreatsBelize 

and share the link for this page

on your Facebook and in an IG post or story!


2) Please don't send video messages anymore** We have received too many to be able to get through in a timely manner. So we are asking that you send us a paragraph about yourself and how you and the community would

benefit from each other.

From there we will narrow down the selection 

and schedule video chats.

Official deadline TBA, however it will likely be in

November sometime. We will confirm with more updates later in September! 


Plan for a January 2020 move in!

*This 3 month experience will also be intermittently filmed for a future documentary about vegan intentional communities. Candidates must be willing to have some of their time here shown on camera and willing to be interviewed for documentary purposes. 

How to help us expand:


Support the revolution here

Let's make this go viral so we can keep making vegan dreams come true every 6 months!

The more people that enter, the more people get to live this dream opportunity.

Plant-Based Living

1588 Serenity Road
Corozal, Belize
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