Thinning of The Veil


Rissa Vibes

October 26th - November 1st

Join us for an intensive week of outer-worldly cosmic connections, intuitive workshops, yoga, reiki and plant-based meals at our private vegan resort and Calm-Unity on ancient Mayan land in Belize. 

The veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is at it's thinnest during Fall Harvest, particularly Samhain / Halloween night and especially felt in Mayan regions. This is the time where barriers are lifted and all that no longer serves our greater purpose can be purged, released and put to rest.


Our spirit guides are at their closest and our 3rd sight is at it's clearest. Most people aren't fully aware of this power they possess.

This natural ability to integrate these two connected worlds. We are separated merely by dimension and perception.


The Thinning of The Veil Retreat will help you use your own natural intuitive tools for connecting with your higher self. Only you have the power to do this.

All you need is the guidance to help you get back to your own power and light.

Our Thinning of the Veil Retreat will be led by guest host,

Trance Channel/Intuitive Guide, Rissa Vibes.

Our Yoga classes & Reiki sessions will be led by our Calm-Unity retreat leaders,

Ashley & Alice White of White Light Healing.

We are thrilled and honoured to announce our merge with White Light Healing Retreats, our star siblings and newest community members.  

Ashley's yoga practice stimulates vibrational elevation through focused breathing techniques, harmonious with this retreat and beneficial for everyday practice. Alice is a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner with a natural gift for healing. It is truly a blessing to share this space with these magical

light beings.

This is our most energetically powerful gathering yet. 


Rissa Vibes is a Love & Light Trance Channel, Intuitive Guide & Musical artist activating higher vibrational frequencies within the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Cosmic Self through Sacred Energy Cleansings, Mediumship, Motivational Speaking and transformative workshops for enlightenment and personal development. 

Rissa’s unique blend of knowledge and intuition adds balance to her approach as her degree in Psychology and experience as a behavioral health counselor offers a clear communication of spiritualist teachings that cater to both the scientific and abstract minds alike.


In the 5 years she’s been doing her work, Rissa’s practice and following has expanded quickly with the light of Source and the passion in her heart guiding the way! Rissa continues to spread her knowledge through private sessions and public gatherings as a gifted Motivational Speaker and Intuitive, presenting a vast array of teachings, including Intuitive Development, Multidimensional & Cosmic Consciousness and Channeling events to an ever-expanding

global audience.

She is full of bliss to be able to connect with all the beautiful
souls that are divinely placed on her path and she can’t wait to connect with you!

Retreat Itinerary & Experience

All attendees will receive journals upon arrival. We encourage each guest to enjoy some personal time  prior to going to bed & upon waking up, which are both ideal times to create and add to their gratitude lists while setting intentions for night and day. 

Each guest will be on their own personal journey and here for their own purpose. We have found the greatest benefit our guests have experienced in this sacred space, is the peacefulness and atmosphere ideal for deep healing and self-reflection.

Therefore this retreat will be focused on our classes and workshops with plenty of personal time in between, where we encourage spending time taking in the immense energy from our enchanting, Eden-esque surroundings and absorbing all the valuable  insight and information you will receive from our retreat hosts.


Saturday October 26th

3:00-5:30pm    Arrivals & Introductions 

Welcome to the Thinning of the Veil Retreat with Rissa Vibes! It’s Halloween week and the veil
between Spirit and matter is thin! Get ready for an enchanting experience of self realization, energetic activation, and divine bliss submerged in the beauty of

5:30pm  Welcome Dinner

8:00pm  Sleep Meditation

Sunday October 27th - Friday November 1st Daily Routine

7:30am   Pranayama Yoga with Ashley White

8:45am   Breakfast served (All meals served at Serenity Grove, our onsite vegan bistro)

Personal Time  / scheduled Reiki Session with Alice

(One session is included w/ Alice White)

12:00pm Lunch served

Personal Time

5:00pm   Dinner served

6:30pm   Evening Workshops (listed below)

Option to join in for Yoga Nidra / Sleep Meditation with Ashley



6:30pm Nightly


Sunday October 27th

Intuitive Luminary Workshop Module 1 w/ New Moon Cacao Ceremony
Accessing The Luminary Within, Recognizing your unique energetic signature, Connecting with Higher
Self, the New Moon and a new awakening.

This workshop will be followed by a candle-light purge and sharing of our manifestations over a ceremonial cacao beverage ~ Traditional to how it is believed that ancient Mayan Gods & Godesses experienced


Monday October 28th

Intuitive Luminary Workshop Module 2
Interactive practices to become familiar with your inner guidance, triggers to get in and out of intuitive mode. Identifying and Utilizing your most potent gifts

Tuesday October 29th

Intuitive Luminary Workshop Module 3
Chakras & Energy Flow, Eliminating energy blockages, connecting with Spirit Guides, basics of astrology

Wednesday October 30th

Cosmic Connections Circle
A night under the stars to learn what it means to be a Starseed and discover your connections
to the cosmos and your galactic family!​

Thursday October 31st

A Halloween Channel & Chill Gathering w/ Cacao
An enlightening experience of deep communication to Spirit as Rissa directly connects with
spirit guides of love and light to channel messages of personal and general nature,
accompanied by the soothing comfort of cacao.

Friday November 1st


7:30am Pranayama Yoga

8:45am Breakfast at bistro, (or breakfast bars to-go for those who need to depart early).

11:00am Check-out and Farewells 

Retreat Rates & Accommodations

Rates include: All taxes, all classes, workshops, one Reiki session per guest & all onsite meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, fruit juices and optional 1 day juice cleanse).

Rates exclude: Airfare, transfers between airport and resort (*however, we can organize airport transfers on your behalf.) Excursions & massage services can be arranged for additional fees. Available excursions include; Mayan ruin tours, sailing lessons, river kayaking adventures & the further away reef tours. 

Take advantage of our early bird rates below!

Spots are limited, so book early!

Send us an email to reserve your spot at

Send us an email to reserve your spot at

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