White Light Healing

Welcome to our world of enlightened souls. We are here to share our stories and inspire others on their path toward healing, love and light. We were called here in this space to join together with others  to create a shield of love around a wounded world. We are here united to protect and heal ourselves and each other through a deeper connection with nature, our higher selves and our deepest passions.


The Healing Garden of Vegan is so grateful to be able to have White Light Healing joining our vegan circle of love and enlightenment. The Blessings keep flowing to us and we are honoured to share those Blessings with you. 

White Light Healing Retreats will begin this fall and will be led by Ashley and Alice White. Ashley and Alice will share their combined healing gifts with us and our guests through Ashley's guided shamanic breath-work, yoga and other forms of deeply beneficial meditation exercises;

and through Alice's gifts as a Reiki Practitioner and Theta Healer.  

Ashley White

Ashley’s Mission is to awaken and develop the divine power within, and to build and nurture the sacred relationship with one’s Self. Having persevered through turbulent times in this life, which has been compromised by addiction, depression and destructive behaviour, he has experienced many deaths and rebirths. Today, Ashley is a Shamanic Minister, ordained by Venus Rising Colorado USA. His council has served many people around the world. He is a Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner & certified yoga teacher who works from the Heart.

Alice White

 Alice became a Reiki Practitioner and a Theta Healer as a means to connect to that inner source of healing and take power over her energy and learn to heal herself. Now she utilizes her skills and gifts to help nurture, guide and inspire others on their own personal journey toward enlightenment and deep healing. 


"We hold all the magic within ourselves, we just need a little nudge sometimes to remember it was there all along. We are the universe living through a physical body. The possibilities of our existence are unlimited. "

We will be set to accommodate your booking needs closer to September when we have our schedule better established for the Fall. However if you have any questions or would like to make a tentative booking in advance for the Fall, please click here and email us your inquiry.

Peace and eternal blessings

Plant-Based Living

1588 Serenity Road
Corozal, Belize
email: info@serenityretreatsbelize.com
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