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 In The  Hills
 A Plant-Based Society 
Phase II




Welcome to the next dimension of Serenity Retreats Belize and Phase II of our Serene Life. Imagine living in your own tiny, or not-so-tiny home in the beautiful hills of Stann Creek, Belize among other like-minded, nature loving vegans. Imagine your home is in a holistic eco-village on 15 acres of pristine jungle, food forest, down stream creek, vegan restaurant, yoga classes and vegan eco-shops! Imagine crossing over your own bridge to your very own house among the tree tops, overlooking this beautiful energetic tropical paradise. Or looking up from the elevated hill side to the towering trees and wild banana forest.


Whatever your Serenity, we got you covered... 

Serenity in the Hills is our upcoming expansion of

Serenity Retreats Belize - A Vegan Resort Community. We are transforming this hillside paradise into a fully funded vegan eco-community and forest, while maintaining it's lush foliage and adding to it using versatile permaculture methods for long-term sustainability.

Imagine owning your own affordable home in paradise, away from the rat race, without all the added expenses that come with home ownership. No maintenance fees, no internet fees, no utility fees. Shared food grown on the premises and use of community amenities! 

We are redefining life by re-creating sustainability. Returning to our roots. Creating our happiness from within and becoming one with nature on a grander scale. Let's change the world together. This is only the beginning....

What does Serenity mean to us? 

Serenity means a calm and harmonious way of life surrounded by nature, animals and like-minded people. It means listening to the birds sing, monkey's play & hearing the whispers of palm trees swaying in the breeze. Freedom like we've never known possible.

Exit the matrix and enter the vortex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Serenity Village?

Serenity in the Hills is the new Phase to our flagship vegan resort-community called Serenity Retreats Belize. It is on 15 acres situated in the hills of the Maya Mountains of Stann Creek, surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and nature reserves. It currently features the start of a food forest with mature wild bananas throughout, a stream, hills and valley and many incredible trees and plants already on the property. 



What is Serenity Retreats Belize?

Serenity Retreats Belize is an intimate vegan retreat resort & eco-community in Corozal, Belize. It consists of 5 rental cabanas, 4 privately owned two-storey tree-houses, a vegan bistro, yoga studio and fresh water eco-pool with a created small-scale river/pond system. It is the original vegan community-resort and the blueprint to our latest expansion.



What are the details / purpose of this project?


Life in the matrix is no longer sustainable. It’s shelf-life is expiring rapidly and we need sustainable communities now more than ever. More and more people are feeling the pull to nature and the disconnect to the everyday stresses that come with living in the material world.


This project allows for an opportunity of a lifetime for vegans looking to reconnect with nature and take part in this revolution for sustainable living. For happiness and a natural way of life.

The waitlist that has generated for a treehouse at Serenity Retreats Belize has shown us just how ready the world is for positive change, reconnection and spirituality. So now we are expanding to accommodate many more vegans and to offer an even bigger opportunity of a lifetime.


The way it works is you join the Serenity Community, you choose your house type, as costs and options vary. Once you purchase your home and it is erected on the premises, you can live in it and have access to all the amenities of a tropical food forest and freedom in the Maya Mountains and share in the future lodging earnings, as the profits made from lodging and food at the village will fund the rest! All you need to do is purchase your home!


No maintenance fess. No utility fees. No internet fees. You can sell your tiny home at any time to an approved vegan buyer, or take it with you if you choose to move on one day. No commitments and all home owners are protected under a 99 year lease term that can be terminated at their discretion any time.



Do home owners have to work there?


Everyone is responsible to take part in helping with the food forest that is in their section of living area and assist with the sanctuary animals, rescues and maintaining the land in general. There will be food growing workshops and sustainability tutorials available to all residents.

How are profits shared and divided?


All earnings generated from lodging, farming and restaurant dining will be used to cover the general cost associated with the property and community maintenance itself.  Any profits will be placed in a community reserve fund and used for improvements and community developments.



What will be added to the property?


Up to 13 homes. allowing for more than a half acre of privacy for each home. A small restaurant, watch tower, yoga deck, sanctuary, community shop and food forest.



What is the water access there?


Rain catchments will be the main source to collect water. 


Can foreigners buy a tiny home?


Yes, foreigners can buy homes and property in Belize.



Can foreigners work there?


Foreigners can work in Belize under a work permit, or after acquiring permanent residency. Foreigners under the QRP program (Qualified Retirement Program) can not work in Belize.



Can residents work at the lodge?


Residents can offer ethical, sustainable merchandise, artwork, food for sale and can also work at the lodge and restaurant.


Can foreigners live in Belize and what are the steps?


Most foreigners can reside in Belize and even become permanent residents. You can renew your visa monthly by going to the immigration office in your district and paying a visa fee of $100us per month. This price has increased to $100us since covid 19 has taken it's toll on the Belizean economy. You can apply for residency after one year of living in Belize without leaving the country for more than 14 days total during that year. However, you will be required to apply for a work permit in order to get your residency.



How secluded is the property?


The property is quite secluded and nestled within the beautiful hills and valleys of Stann Creek, located about 20 minutes from Dangriga off the Hummingbird Highway. There are a few other lodges and establishments/homes nearby, but it is quite a ways off the beaten path.


Are there wild animals there?


Yes. There are monkeys, jaguars, snakes and many other types of wildlife. This is the jungle.



Do you have to be vegan to own a home there?





Do you have to be vegan to visit or rent a place there?


No, but everyone entering is required to keep to a vegan lifestyle while on the premises. No animal products/meat/dairy allowed onsite.



What are the restrictions?


No cigarette smoking onsite. No animal products onsite. Be a respectful neighbour and don’t infringe on anyone’s quality of life.



Is alcohol permitted?


Yes. Please drink responsibility and keep in mind that alcohol is meant to lower your vibration and desensitize you. We do not endorse it, however we respect that is a personal choice. 



Who oversees the community?


Niss and Foster, but everyone is a respected member with a voice and a choice in what takes place on the premises. Community gatherings to discuss events, improvements and developments will be held monthly and chaired by two community members each month on a rotating schedule.


How do I purchase a tiny home?


Email us at for details.

Can I rent out my tiny home?


Yes. All residents who choose to rent out their homes, can have them rented through the community lodge under a communal booking system with a percentage paid to the community fund. All rentals must go through BTB (Belize Tourism Board) approval prior to being rented out. 



Does ownership of a house include ownership of the land?

You would own your tiny home, but the land is privately owned by the Founders. All owners will be under a 99 year land lease, however home owners can sell their tiny home at any time to an approved vegan buyer, or remove their home from the premises at their expense, should they decide to move out of the community. 


What if I decide to no longer adhere to a vegan lifestyle?

Well then frankly my dear, you never were... But really, this is an intentional community that was created and exists for the purpose of living in an all vegan environment. Therefore anyone who decides to no longer adhere to a vegan lifestyle agrees as stated in their agreements, to sell their tiny home to an approved vegan buyer at fair market value, or remove it at their expense in an approved, safe manner. Home owners must be vegan. Renters don't have to be, but agree to committing to a vegan lifestyle while on the premises. 


Will it be off-grid?


Yes. All homes will be on rain catchments, compost toilets and solar power.



How far is the nearest town?


Approximately 15-20 minutes by motorized vehicle.



What is the climate like?


It is in the hills, so it is cooler at night but warm during the day.

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