Live The Dream!

Invest & Retire Early at a

40 Acre, All Vegan

Resort-Community in the

Maya Mountains!

It wasn't long ago that $10k couldn't buy you much. Now it can buy you a home and a share in a resort in the Maya mountains of Belize. 

Serenity Retreats Belize and The Healing Garden of Vegan are EXPANDING!!! We are taking over the Maya mountains and an existing jungle lodge and making it an intentional vegan sustainable community, funded by the resort profits, with privately owned tiny homes, an animal rescue sanctuary and fully integrated food forest surrounded by nature reserves and tropical waterfalls! 

Imagine living off the land as a community of like-minded souls creating change for a better world. Imagine having a shared resort to fund this dream life. A life away from the rat race. A life where you get to inspire a world of change simply by living your dream for as little as $10k for a two person, off-grid, tiny eco-home. 

What does that buy you exactly? It buys you sole ownership of a tiny home in a vegan intentional community with equal share of resort profits, set in the jungle on a mountain in Cayo, Belize. It buys you the potential to own a tiny home yourself or buy it collectively, with a friend or someone through our network. It buys you a year-round life in a garden comparable to Eden, away from a society that isn't consistent with natures way. But best of all, it buys you FREEDOM! It buys you early retirement. It buys you a way out. It buys you what the world promised you and never delivered. The simple life. The off-grid life. The cruelty-free life. The dream life....

Join the revolution. Sign up here and add your name for your own FREEDOM HOME at your already established 5 star resort and soon to be eco-community in Belize!

Due to current world circumstances, deadline is currently on hold.

We are still proceeding with our

expansion and hope to have more information available upon opening of borders.

Please email us at the contact below to add your name to our tiny home list and to receive more details about community living.

Resort and land layout with sample placement of homes over 40 acres. Each home is nestled within jungle surrounded by a variety of tropical trees and food.

Sample layout of interior, studio style, icosahedron home.

Along with treehouses, there is the option to purchase a hurricane-proof icosahedron home. Photos and model house coming soon! Price includes dwelling, two sinks, one shower, one custom built self-composting toilet, and rain catchment.

Excludes appliances, furnishings and solar panel kits.


Get ready for the revolution of Ico-Homes.

The Resort

Here's What's Already There!

Pool will be transformed to eco-friendly

& salt water.

Yoga Deck


Will Be All Vegan

Rental Cabanas

Who, Why, Where, When & What???


Hi, my name is Niss and I own Serenity Retreats Belize - A Vegan Resort Community in Corozal. It began as a vegan retreat lodge and now it is a treehouse community as well. 

Since starting this community 3 years ago, I have met and interacted online with countless vegans much like myself ready to leave the matrix. Tired of living in a paradigm that doesn't resonate with their values and keeps them from being able to truly live their best lives. 

Society has reached a level of stress and capitalism that is unsustainable for the mind, body or planet. It's time to reconnect with nature and heal the planet. We are evolving into an actual community-society instead of continuing as a society without community. 

Just as my partner Foster and I were discussing a near future plan of creating a food forest in the Maya mountains on dozens of acres and having another home base there, the opportunity literally came to us. Doors to an existing jungle lodge on 40 vast acres in the very Maya mountains that we spoke of, opened up and destiny called through them.  



We decided to buy this resort-lodge and create the same thing I did at Serenity Retreats, but on a large community scale and where everyone who invests in a tiny home has an equal share in the resort profits, which will be what funds the dream. This allows us to invest in our freedom and the world we want to see. It allows us to also continue to create these community-owned resorts in other areas as well. It also allows us to be able to share 100% of the resort profits with everyone who helped make it happen by owning their own tiny home onsite. No maintenance fees, no commitments, just a village of humans who are vegan and want to eat from a natural, organic shared food forest in the jungle, in harmony with it's habitats, with the earth and with ourselves. It's a an opportunity to be free and live a life doing what matters, living mindfully and peacefully. Not living stressed by unnatural circumstances in a concrete jungle. THIS is how we change the world. We don't plan to stop here. This is only the beginning of a new-old world. The Golden Age. Come and be a part of the revolution!


Maya Mountains of Cayo, Belize. Mariposa Jungle Lodge! An elevated jungle paradise surrounded by its own 40 acres of lush jungle and nature reserve. Throughout the 40 acres will be an intertwined food forest the way nature intended, growing in harmony and protected by other plant species. There will be a resort-funded community animal sanctuary and 200 privately owned tiny homes throughout, sustainable and without forest destruction. The purpose will be to create a flourishing forest for all it's natural habitats that share it. 


We plan to fully take over by December 2020! We will be spending the next few months showing you the resort we're taking over! You have from December 2019-May 15th, 2020 to secure your tiny house and equal share in your new resort-home! Email us to inquire. 


A dream come true, right? But is it too good to be true? Nope. It is too good not to be true. Each tiny home will be hurricane proof and icosahedron shaped. There will be different options for material and size, which of course pricing is based on. Customized homes can be discussed as well, however we are keeping costs to you as low as possible and with the most durability by building these Ico-Homes. Taking 'eco' to a new level. Starting price is $10k for a single storey home. Pricing excludes furnishing and appliances. Regardless of home purchase, all homes have an equal share of resort. The resort has 6 luxury rental cabanas, some family size, a restaurant, yoga deck, spa, swimming pool and kids outdoor jungle gym. Funds from the resort will cover the cost of staff and all other overhead costs, including land taxes and general land enhancements and repairs. A percentage of profits remain in a reserve fund, and the remainder percentage is divided equally per household monthly or yearly. *The profits made are not intended or expected to create monetary wealth, they are for the purpose of maintaining this dream life and covering associated costs. Profits should not be expected to replace current methods of income. Again, their main purpose is to cover associated costs of maintaining this community dream life. This will be a community of about 200 tiny homes nestled in the jungle surrounded by a backdrop of tropical trees and food without disruption to the land. 

This also isn't for the purpose of creating a further lazy society. Everyone gets to take part in maintaining and helping contribute to the food forest, sanctuary and community living. There will be a council of 10 members. 8 of whom will be selected randomly or voluntarily from the residents each year. Foster and I will remain on the council. The purpose of this is to have a group helping to lead with events and oversee things as divided among the panel. It is only fair that each year a new group of residents are chosen to take over council. We are creating a system that eliminates the need for authoritative governments whose salaries we pay for while being enslaved and taxed to the state of poverty.


This is a community of equals. Join the movement that is paving the way to a sustainable world.

Plant-Based Living

1588 Serenity Road
Corozal, Belize
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