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Treehouse Floor Plan

Casita Living

Floor Plan With Upper Loft Bedroom
Casita dimensions are 14' x 12', with upper bedroom loft measuring almost the same sixe and an additional 10' x 6' screened-in porch. Each tree-house casita is built using high-quality hardwood and sits  9' in the air on solid stilts. They can be solar powered or electricity fed and all on rain catchments and butane.
Cathedral ceiling height is 18' from main floor living room and entrance (and 26' from the outside ground), allowing for 10' high peaked roof above loft space. Ceiling heights above kitchen and bathroom, which are below the loft, are both 8' high. 
Upper loft bedroom (situated above kitchen and bathroom), will overlook living-room area and front entrance, with upper loft windows at both front and back of house, allowing for maximum air flow.
Email us or call us at 501-631-9308 for more information.
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